What is AiHello and how does it function? AiHello is a two-sided logistics firm and a PPC automation software that generates outcomes to aid in the growth of your Amazon business. It offers the ability to automate your Amazon ad business, resulting in increased revenue, reduced ad management time, and lower ad expenses. With AiHello, you have complete control over your Amazon e-commerce marketing and can easily set up complete PPC automation in just a few minutes. It provides 24/7 keyword automation and the option to automatically add keywords from competitors. By utilizing the Amazon PPC Automation software, you can significantly decrease your Amazon Ad Spend ACOS. AiHello’s AutoPilot feature automatically adjusts bids during off-peak hours and busy hours. Additionally, it allows users to create campaigns in bulk, reducing workload by up to 99%. It handles all languages and markets, saving time, reducing AdCost (ACOS), and enhancing sales. Manual adjustments for bidding, boosting, and scheduling are not necessary with this software.

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Free Trial , Subscription

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Email Marketing, Inventory Management, Channel Management, SEO Management

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David Bond

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