What is Addingwell and how does it function? Addingwell is a top-notch provider of tagging servers and infrastructure that offers fast and fully managed tagging servers for a GTM server-side. This ensures the safety of cookies and prevents any impact from Safari ITP’s. It also enhances website performance and safeguards visitors’ data. Addingwell equips users with all the necessary tools for effortless management of tagging servers. The platform has established multiple servers and zones to offer optimal closure for website visitors. It simplifies GTM server management with no code implementation and facilitates easy setup. The dashboard displays uptime and response statistics to ensure privacy. Additionally, Addingwell operates ten times faster than other providers. Moreover, new accounts can avail a free 14-day trial with 24/7 support. With Facebook CAPI, users can maximize the benefits of social ads for their websites.

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Free Trial , Subscription , Quotation Based

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