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What is Zeroqode Lab and how does it function? Zeroqode Lab is a platform that provides courses and products to assist individuals in creating web and mobile apps without the need to write code. It utilizes popular no-code technologies such as Bubble, Zapier, and Typeform to facilitate this process. There are no limitations on the types of applications that can be built using these tools. The platform offers both free and paid courses, which are designed to help beginners learn the basics of these no-code tools. The majority of the paid courses are targeted towards users who want to create large-scale web or mobile apps like Tinder, AirBnb, and Uber, among others. The tools also aid in the creation of important modules like payment gateways, live chat, referral systems, and more, all without any coding required. While there may be tradeoffs that increase the complexity of building certain features, this approach is considered one of the best ways to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and then scale it as needed.

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Learning Management System (LMS) Features, Video Conferencing, Mobile Learning, Corporate (Business), Built-in Course Authoring, Asynchronous Learning, Synchronous Learning, SCORM Compliance, Learning Portal, eLearning Companies, Blended Learning, Academic (Education), Gamification, eCommerce

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David Bond

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