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What is Fresh Proposals and how does it work? Fresh Proposals is a sales proposal management solution that allows businesses to replace traditional design tools with modern ones. Sales professionals and marketers can gain valuable insights and analytics on proposal interactions, allowing them to improve their effectiveness in real-time. The platform includes a dashboard that allows professionals to monitor sales performance based on various parameters. Fresh Proposals also provides timely email alerts when a proposal is viewed or accepted. Companies can set annual revenue targets and track them regularly. The platform offers customizable pre-designed templates that help accelerate the process of creating attractive proposals. Users can enhance their proposals by adding various drag and drop blocks, such as images, text boxes, signatures, and tables. The software also includes an interactive quotation or pricing feature, which allows users to include both fixed and recurring fees in financial proposals and make adjustments for clients. Real-time collaboration is facilitated among team members and clients.

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Approval Workflow, e-Signature, Customizable Branding, Customer Pipeline, Alert Notifications, Contact Management, Access Control

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