What is the function of Firsthand and how does it operate? Firsthand is a cloud-based tool designed for alumni networking. It allows institutions to connect with students, companies, and prospects through mentoring programs and virtual events. Administrators can use a centralized dashboard to create online campus communities where students can serve as ambassadors and alumni can act as mentors. Additionally, the platform facilitates group discussions, open houses, and one-on-one meetings. Firsthand supports higher education institutions in establishing, organizing, and managing mentorship programs across different departments, granting teachers increased flexibility to adjust sessions as needed. It also includes a reporting and analytics feature that enables departments to measure, evaluate, and display student engagement and relationship performance. Employers can take advantage of personalized virtual booths, live events, job listings, group chats, and gain insights into guests’ preferences through virtual career fairs. Firsthand offers seamless integration with popular apps such as LinkedIn, Salesforce, Oracle Netsuite, Simplicity, and Microsoft Outlook, streamlining business operations. Furthermore, it allows educational institutions to send targeted email campaigns, develop student onboarding pathways, and provide access to webinars, resources, and a knowledge base, all from a single platform.

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Email Marketing, Fundraising Management, Content Management, Self Service Portal, Attendance Tracking, CRM

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