What is FieldPlus and how does it function? FieldPlus is a software designed for field service management that assists companies in optimizing their business operations and increasing revenue. It allows office staff to interact with customers, access existing records, and create work orders at their convenience. Contractors can also utilize a customizable price book that can be tailored to their specific needs, whether based on time and material or a flat rate. These price books can be updated with additional information related to specific items. Technicians can rely on the software to gain complete visibility into their work orders and receive specific instructions, leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction. Additionally, FieldPlus helps reduce the workload for accounting teams by eliminating the need for double entry. The software also aids organizations in achieving advanced job completion, eliminating stockouts and shrinkage, and reducing downtime through an automated inventory control system. Companies can rely on FieldPlus to track material usage at each stocking location and streamline automated replenishment from the warehouse to the vehicle.

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Real-time Job Tracking, Job Scheduling, Digital Signature, Inventory Management, Billing and Invoicing, Offline Reporting, Analytics (Workforce), Reporting, Route Optimization, Attendance Management, Document Management

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