What is FakeJSON and how does it function? FakeJSON serves as an API management software that permits you to generate simulated data without the requirement for installation or setup. It aids in storing and reusing your API resources, adding fields, and receiving backend responses with more than 100 distinct fields. Through Fake JSON, you have the ability to provide a fabricated response with any HTTP code to assess your application with its replies. By creating your own unique fake fields, you can then utilize the program to establish HTML templates. No need to set up routes when making API queries to the FakeJSON API endpoint; simply provide the response in the JSON request payload. With the inclusion of a sophisticated JSON Editor, you can create the necessary JSON responses. The functionality to save resources allows for quick access to frequently used API calls, enabling their reuse. Users can test their applications against various reactions and generate bogus responses with HTTP codes ranging between 200 and 500. Furthermore, the capability to use broken strings, modified headers, and response delays further assists in code testing.

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Dashboard, Access Control, Version Control

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  • Official Website https://fakejson.com/
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