What is Explee and how does it function? Explee is a platform for creating animated videos that allows professionals and businesses to easily create compelling and effective videos at their convenience. The platform offers a “whiteboard animation” or “video scribing” feature that enables users to present their ideas and information in an engaging manner. With over 6,000 animations available, users can save time and effort by using pre-made animations to illustrate their concepts and capture the audience’s attention in real-time. This intelligent software brings images, drawings, and even diagrams to life, allowing users to enhance their videos with drawing, fading, pinning, popping, and transitioning effects. Explee takes into account the audience’s understanding and memory retention capabilities, ensuring that the videos serve their intended purpose. Additionally, the platform includes a “Softcut audio editor” that allows organizations to adjust, trim, and duplicate audio files for their whiteboard animations. Users can also add sound effects to make the videos more engaging. Furthermore, Explee offers a text-to-speech system in five languages, enabling users to incorporate voiceovers into their videos. Overall, Explee provides effective marketing content that helps businesses expand their reach quickly.

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