ExakTime is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling solution that helps businesses improve efficiency and reduce costs. It accurately captures remote workers’ clock-in and out times, allowing you to manage labor costs in real time and enhance your profitability. With ExakTime, you can track workers anywhere using our mobile app or rugged clocks, driving employee efficiency and saving time. The user-friendly software is cloud-based, meaning you can access and manage the password-protected data from any computer. It can also be synced with the construction industry’s leading payroll program. Additionally, ExakTime allows you to review missed punches or overtime from any time period, helping you reduce costs and optimize field operations. You can edit time cards in bulk, schedule workers and crews, and assign employees to managers so they only see their own team. This web-based time clock software is designed to address labor management challenges for businesses of all sizes.

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Timesheet Management, Overtime Calculation, Offline Time Tracking, Mobile Time Tracking, Automatic Time Capture, Employee Database, Multiple Billing Rates, Billable & Non-billable Hours, Leave Tracking (Vacation), Billing and Invoicing

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