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What is Esprit Social and how does it function? This platform offers unique capabilities for managing Facebook pages that are not typically allowed by Facebook. Esprit Social allows users to plan and organize posts, ensuring that updates are never missed. It provides easy management, automation, optimization, and analysis of Facebook marketing strategies, following best practices to maximize productivity. The automation feature enables users to create and schedule the publication of valuable posts across multiple Facebook pages and groups. With Esprit Social, users can plan and schedule various types of content for a 30-day period. Additionally, users can connect an RSS feed to their Facebook page, automating the publication of new articles. The platform allows for the addition of text, images, action buttons, videos, carousels, and more when scheduling posts. Users can also create a Chatbot that is available 24/7, providing instant automated replies to visitors and addressing their queries on the spot. Automated responses can be set up to resolve specific issues or answer general inquiries, ensuring that no incoming message is missed and customers are not left embarrassed. With Esprit Social, users can ensure that their next post receives sufficient engagement, attracting new leads every day and improving annual turnover.

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Social Media Management Features, Social Media Monitoring, Posts Scheduling, Customer Engagement, Brand Tracking, Auto Publishing, Content Management, Multi-User Collaboration, Multi-Account Management

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