What is the purpose and functionality of is a platform that manages links and offers users various features such as link shortening, management, sharing, and analysis. It allows users to create branded URLs to increase their brand visibility. With, users can shorten long URLs into powerful and concise links that can boost engagement. The software also enables users to create aliases for their short URLs, improving branding opportunities. Additionally, users can set an expiry date for their short URLs, restricting access after a specific timeframe. provides a login dashboard for users to track their business statistics, including the number of hits on their links. Furthermore, users can convert their shortened links into QR codes of any size for digital marketing purposes. Pricing Model

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  • India
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David Bond

David Bond

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David is a well-known advocate for the implementation of cloud-based solutions and automation tools for small businesses. He strongly believes that this technology solutions for small businesses and startups are the thing that provide true edge on the market. He writes primarily about project management and sales software.