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What is Ensighten Manage and how does it function? Ensighten Manage is a global cybersecurity software that safeguards clients from data loss and hacking, while also improving web performance. It brings together customers from various brands and domains to ensure comprehensive security and data protection. It serves as a foundation for content strategies and tag management, allowing interactive vendor management and data security through its interface. The tag layer manager standardizes and unifies data sources for higher return on investment. It enables users to engage more effectively, leading to increased activity and unified web and app data. Additionally, it provides real-time analysis of user behavior through third-party tools. The software’s dashboard and audits identify non-compliant tags with GDPR and CCPA regulations, preventing leakage to unauthorized entities. Ensighten Pulse facilitates data collection from customers through diverse advertising methods, which is then utilized to generate valuable customer insights and build robust profiles.

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