What is the function of DoYouNotes and how does it operate? DoYouNotes is a useful solution that aids students in quickly memorizing their notes and building confidence for exams. The platform utilizes an active recall mechanism as its study method, which effectively enhances memorization and learning in a short period of time. This study method has also been validated by multiple scientific studies in the field of cognitive psychology. Students have the ability to monitor their progress levels and prioritize the areas that require the most memorization. This enables DoYouNotes to assist students in identifying gaps in their studying and taking appropriate action. The user interface of DoYouNotes is straightforward and can be utilized by students of any academic level. Students simply need to upload their notes or PDF textbooks and divide the content into smaller sections. They can then practice each section individually and keep track of their progress. Furthermore, users have the option to include comments and questions for each section.

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Quotation Based

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Recurring Tasks, To-do List, Task Tracking, File Sharing, Version Control

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