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What is Cohesion DX and how does it work? Cohesion DX is a low-code Drupal website builder called DX8. It allows you to create themes, layouts, and pages directly in your browser. DX8 is equipped with visual site builder tools that make designing templates, element styles, layout, and drag-and-drop components easier for developers and designers. Even designers without technical coding skills can benefit from the power of code using Cohesion DX. They can use the drag-and-drop layout builder to create unique layouts based on design principles and use the visual CSS style builder to style any element with real-time preview. Cohesion also helps marketers understand their audience’s preferences and provides content writing and user experience capabilities. By avoiding the need for continual development interventions, this multi-pronged approach enables teams to produce high-quality output in a timely manner.

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Drag and Drop, SEO Management, Newsletter Management

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David Bond

David Bond

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