What is CocoScan and how does it function? CocoScan is a tool that helps you identify problems on your website that could be negatively impacting your search engine ranking. It works by utilizing an SEO scanning tool that crawls your website, similar to how Google does, to pinpoint the factors that are preventing your site from being indexed. The scanning process takes less than five minutes and generates a personalized checklist of tasks you need to complete in order to prevent your website from being blocked by Google. The checklist is organized based on the priority of each issue, taking into account its frequency and importance. CocoScan also provides an explanation of what is wrong and why it is problematic for Google. Some of the issues that CocoScan can uncover include faulty redirects, duplicate content, broken pages and links, and slow page load times. It thoroughly analyzes every page on your website and offers solutions for each issue. Additionally, it allows you to export and download the error data and recommendations.

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