What is CloudTest and how does it function? CloudTest, provided by Akamai, is a load testing management platform that allows you to stress test your websites and applications using comprehensive tools and features in real-time. It helps you identify and prevent issues by simulating real-world scenarios before launching the website. CloudTest provides access to global big-data analytics engines capable of analyzing an unlimited amount of data points. It allows you to adjust the simulated load during production testing to obtain immediate results. With CloudTest, you can easily define parameters, variables, and validations, and reuse and combine tests without requiring any coding. By using clicks and drag-and-drop actions, you can test production volumes from various locations worldwide that accurately represent your user base. CloudTest also provides real-time statistics, allowing you to adjust loads during testing or simulate promotions and outages. The platform includes built-in dashboards that combine analytics with data from third-party monitoring solutions in a single view. Additionally, Akamai acquired Guardicore in order to enhance its Zero Trust solutions and combat ransomware issues.

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