What is ClosersCopy and how does it function? ClosersCopy is an AI-driven tool for generating plagiarism-free content and optimizing it for SEO. It caters to various content creation needs, such as blogs, advertisements, and descriptions, among others. ClosersCopy automates the entire content creation process, addressing issues that other AI tools in the market often fail to solve, including restrictions and content filters. Unlike traditional GPT-3/OpenAI-based tools that prompt users with sensitive content tags, ClosersCopy has no such limitations. The tool offers unlimited word counts in their subscription plan, with all future upgrades included in the base cost. Users also have the option to add sample data and save it as a reusable framework for future use. Additionally, ClosersCopy allows users to create a workflow to automate the content creation process after establishing 3-5 permanent frameworks. Supporting almost 120 languages and integrating with Google Translate and DeepL, ClosersCopy offers pricing plans ranging from $29.99 to $79.99 per month. Annual billing is also available, providing a 30% discount on the subscription.

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David Bond

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