What is Clink and how does it function? Clink is a comprehensive application that facilitates ongoing feedback among teams in the workplace. Its purpose is to cultivate the habit of regularly giving and receiving feedback, aiming to enhance individuals’ performance. Users can offer feedback on daily tasks, invite colleagues or clients to give input, recognize commendable performance, and provide suggestions for improvement. Additionally, participants in various meetings can instantly express their reactions to presenters. The software actively searches for feedback across all digital platforms utilized in the workplace, including email, chats, and comments. It then organizes and analyzes the feedback to generate insights for improvement. The Clink engine aids individuals in understanding their values, core skills, areas for skill development, projects that require attention, and effective application of their abilities. Members can update their strengths and skills on their profile page, which can also be viewed by other members. Furthermore, the app offers the opportunity for users to earn points by providing feedback.

Clink Pricing Model

Freemium , Subscription , Quotation Based

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Goal Management, Gamification

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