What is ChartHop and how does it function? ChartHop is a tool designed to streamline and consolidate data and processes within an organization. It enables seamless integration of people data and provides real-time updates to teams, allowing them to understand changes and improve performance. The platform offers a range of HR analysis capabilities, including department-specific headcount, turnover based on performance ratings, and even average compensation by gender. By centralizing information and eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets, ChartHop enables managers in various departments, such as People, Finance, and Recruiting, to access all necessary data from one source. This facilitates informed decision-making regarding hiring, compensation, and promotions. The security of data is a top priority for ChartHop, with third-party SOC 2 verification and automatic revocation of access for off-boarding employees.

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Single Sign-On (SSO), Access Control, Audit Trail, Alerts, Predefined Templates

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