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What is Atlas Chiropractic and how does it function? Atlas Chiropractic is a software designed for Chiropractic clinics to manage their patients. It includes a module where patients can answer subjective questions and review them before submitting. The software utilizes high-definition videos to educate patients about subluxations and their impact on the body, which can be accessed from the Adjusting Table or Exam Room. It can be used to call patients in the examination rooms or adjusting tables, and clinics have the option to integrate visual displays with audio or use them separately. The software also helps identify patients who frequently miss or cancel appointments, or leave without scheduling future ones. Additionally, it offers an integrated e-mail module called ChiroVMail, allowing clinics to send HD videos to patients, follow up on appointments, or send greetings for special occasions like birthdays. The system enables easy import of images from various imaging companies and staff can send appointment reminders via SMS.

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Appointment Management, Billing and Invoicing

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