What is AppZen and how does it function? AppZen is a comprehensive software for tracking finances that assists businesses by automating spending approvals and providing valuable insights to help reduce spending, streamline processes, and simplify policies. It saves users time and effort by automatically entering, matching, categorizing, and approving invoices for all types of expenses. Businesses can integrate the software with their existing expense automation systems to audit expenses in real-time and identify waste, fraud, and errors. AppZen includes a Mastermind feature that allows finance teams to automate their unique corporate spending policies, making compliance and expense management easier. The platform can also be customized to meet users’ needs with AI-based predictions for fully automated processing. Additionally, AppZen’s Mastermind analytics offers real-time spend insights and benchmarks for audited spending data. The software’s AI-powered team intelligence system provides team managers with on-demand visibility into spending, helping them reduce approval workload and enhance compliance.

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Third-party Integration, Time & Expense Tracking

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  • Location / Phone NumberSan Jose
  • California / (408) 647-5253
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS
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