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Appsee Mobile Analytics is a web analytics tool that analyzes customer activity to improve the app experience. It allows you to monitor user actions and identify any issues. With Appsee, you can use heatmaps to understand user navigation and preferences, as well as focus on UI components. This comprehensive mobile analytics tool helps app developers and publishers evaluate and enhance the user experience. The platform provides user recordings to track all app activities and identify issues. Real-time in-app analytics help understand user behavior, while crash recordings help determine the events leading to a crash. The Auto-Detect UI Problems feature identifies unresponsive user behaviors, and conversion funnels track conversion rates between app procedures. Appsee also offers easy integration with Slack, Google Analytics, and more.

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Event Tracking, A/B Testing, Alert Notifications, Time on site Tracking, User Interaction Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Campaign Management, Event Tracking, Heatmaps, Report Generation

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