What is the functionality of AppointmentThing and how does it operate? AppointmentThing is an appointment scheduling software that allows you to set your availability for different appointment types based on your working hours. The software then automatically generates available appointment slots according to your availability and a few basic principles. AppointmentThing stands out as one of the top online appointment scheduling software options due to its attractive design and powerful features. It offers a user-friendly booking page that simplifies the process for users to make appointments without the need for multiple email exchanges. Additionally, the software sends automated reminders to clients with appointment details prior to scheduled appointments, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments. AppointmentThing is also compliant with worldwide time zones. A notable feature of the software is its ability to integrate with various conference tools, such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet, providing unique conference URLs for each booked meeting. Furthermore, the software allows you to collect payments through its PayPal and Stripe connectors, ensuring smooth transactions with your customers.

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