What is the purpose and functioning of ApplicantPro? ApplicantPro is an applicant tracking system and hiring software that assists companies in their recruitment process. It ensures that job postings reach top talent and reduces the need for manual labor. The software utilizes a two-step application process to increase application rates and maximize the number of applicants. Additionally, ApplicantPro allows companies to create branded career pages for job seekers to easily explore and apply for positions. The software simplifies candidate communication through text and email, all managed within a messaging inbox. It saves time by automatically filtering applicants based on customized screening questions. ApplicantPro also streamlines scheduling to ensure meetings are arranged on time and prevent no-shows. Furthermore, it aids in HR processes such as background checks, onboarding, and assessments to facilitate seamless communication across various platforms.

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Free Trial , Quotation Based

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e-Signature, Collaboration Tools, Access Control, Single Sign-On (SSO)

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  • Utah / +1 888-633-9269
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