What is Appdome and how does it work? Appdome is a no-code mobile app security solution for Android and IOS devices. It offers developers of Shopping, travel, and gaming apps an easy and efficient way to protect their apps from attacks and threats. Appdome’s security codes comply with various mobile regulations such as PCI, PSD2, and GDPR. It provides comprehensive protection to M-commerce users by preventing various modern attacks including credential theft, ATOs, malware attacks, malicious bots, and reverse engineering. Appdome’s key modules, including Oneshield, Total Code Obfuscation, Total Data Encryption, Secure Communication – MITM prevention, and OS integrity, offer different layers of protection against alterations, tampering, IP theft, app logic and structure, data leakage, data in transit attacks, and device hacking.

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Workflow Management, Version Control, Access Control

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