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What is the purpose of Anymeeting Webinars and how does it operate? Anymeeting Webinars is primarily utilized by organizations to expand their reach and improve business growth. It serves as a comprehensive webinar solution, allowing users to create customized invitations, send email reminders, and set up registration pages effortlessly. With the ability to invite up to 1000 attendees, Anymeeting Webinars provides 12HD presenters and screen sharing capabilities for scheduled webinars. Additionally, organizers can engage with the audience during live webinars by conducting quick polls, assessing reactions, and sharing results. Detailed reports can be generated, and attendees can be guided through the purchasing process, followed up with emails, and converted into leads as needed. Notable features include live emoji reactions, audience email reminders, attendee reports, an audience waiting room, personalized registration forms, and the ability to upload PDF, PPT, and MP4 files. To streamline operations, presenters are granted access to a dedicated online green room where they can meet one hour prior to the webinar to coordinate tasks efficiently.

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  • California / (888) 301-2619
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