What is AnnounceFly and how does it function? AnnounceFly is a software specifically designed for tracking roadmaps and ideas. It assists in gathering, prioritizing, and executing plans for product releases. This SaaS-based product management system collects customer ideas to aid users in creating strategic plans. It streamlines the management of customer feedback from various channels and provides security against data tampering. Users can engage in direct discussions with customers, allowing them to contribute their ideas and thoughts. AnnounceFly eliminates the need for coding and enables users to customize roadmaps with logos, domain names, and color schemes. Roadmaps can also be embedded into websites, web apps, or dashboards. The software allows users to create rooms for organizing topics, such as features or ideas, to effectively prioritize them. Comments and file uploads facilitate smooth communication. Both public and internal roadmaps are accessible, and the Kanban view supports seamless tracking of unlimited users. AnnounceFly also facilitates sharing rooms with team members to enhance the voting system.

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Idea Management, Task Prioritization, Kanban Board, Release Management, Workflow Management, Feedback Management, Strategic Planning, Dashboard, Resource Management, Requirement Management, Milestone Tracking, Collaboration

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