What is Ambra and how does it work? Ambra is a virtual task organizer that utilizes organic methods of tags and mentions to effectively execute jobs. It is a unique management system created for teams looking to collaborate on specific targets. Ambra eliminates the need for elaborate task setup ceremonies and instead allows team leaders to communicate messages using simple hashtags and mentions, prioritizing the attention of readers. Writers can easily convey their intended message using everyday attributes. Followers can use these tags to keep track of actions assigned to them. These tags are useful for tracking task statuses, progress, labeling, priority, and other attributes. Ambra simplifies tasks that would otherwise require significant intellectual and physical investment for client authorities. It also emphasizes team members’ experience with social media and skill development. With the platform taking care of many attributes, teams registered on Ambra are likely to excel.

Ambra Pricing Model

Freemium , Subscription , Quotation Based

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Task Management Features, Time Tracking, Task Tracking, Task Scheduling, Task Assigning, Reporting (Analytics), Progress Tracking, Alerts, Collaboration Tools, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Task Management, Gantt Charts, Gamification

Technical Details

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  • Delaware / (917) 267-7538
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
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  • CategoryTask Management Software


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