What is Airship and how does it work? Airship is a company that specializes in push notifications, providing brands with data, AI technology, engagement channels, and services to deliver personalized messages like push notifications, emails, and in-app messages to the right audience at the right time. This helps to build trust, increase engagement, and drive action, ultimately growing the brand’s value. By utilizing Airship’s customer engagement platform, brands can acquire, retain, and expand their customer base across various platforms, enabling them to implement advanced customer engagement strategies. With Airship’s expertise and best practices, brands can easily execute multi-channel campaigns and experience rapid growth. Airship’s proven methodologies assist in developing and implementing managed solutions, campaigns, and technical implementations across platforms. Enhancing a brand’s marketing performance is made simpler with Airship’s well-established marketing models and industry benchmarks. Additionally, brands have access to top-notch technical support, allowing them to efficiently achieve strategic goals through informative discovery, solution development, road mapping, and ROI workshops.

Airship Pricing Model

Freemium , Quotation Based

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Technical Details

  • SupportBusiness Hours Online
  • Customer TypeLarge Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
  • API
  • Location / Phone NumberPortland
  • Oregon
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
  • Official Website
  • CategoryPush Notification Software


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