Best Microlearning Platforms: Ranked and Reviewed (2024)

Best Microlearning Platforms: Ranked and Reviewed ()

Welcome to my article on the best microlearning platforms. Did you know that 94% of employees prefer short and focused training content? Microlearning has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness in improving employee performance and engagement. In this article, I will rank and review the top microlearning platforms available in the market, perfect for remote teams and employee training. These platforms offer user-friendly and affordable solutions that can revolutionize your training programs. So, let’s dive in and discover the best microlearning platforms for your organization!

Key Takeaways:

  • Microlearning is a proven method for delivering short and focused training content.
  • Microlearning platforms enable L&D teams to create engaging learning modules that improve employee performance.
  • The top microlearning platforms for include Whatfix, EdApp, iSpring Learn, 7taps, Qstream, TalentCards, eduMe, Grovo, Oust Labs, Shotclasses, OttoLearn, LearnUpon, and Master-O.
  • Each microlearning platform offers unique features and benefits for different training needs.
  • Choosing the right microlearning platform depends on your organization’s specific requirements and preferences.

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a modern approach to training that focuses on delivering bite-sized modules of information. It involves breaking down learning content into small, easily digestible units that are geared toward meeting specific goals. The key to microlearning is its emphasis on providing focused training content that can be consumed quickly, ensuring maximum engagement and knowledge retention.

Microlearning platforms play a crucial role in enabling organizations to implement effective microlearning strategies. These platforms provide L&D teams with the tools and resources they need to create engaging and interactive learning modules. By utilizing microlearning platforms, organizations can enhance employee performance and knowledge acquisition.

Benefits of Microlearning:

  • Efficient learning: Microlearning allows learners to access information in short, targeted bursts.
  • Improved knowledge retention: The focused nature of microlearning helps learners retain and apply information more effectively.
  • Flexibility: Microlearning can be delivered through various formats, such as videos, quizzes, or interactive modules, making it adaptable to different learning styles.
  • Convenient access: Microlearning modules can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it suitable for remote and mobile learning.
  • Engaging content: With its concise and visually appealing format, microlearning keeps learners engaged and motivated throughout their training.

Microlearning is all about delivering training content in small, manageable pieces. By breaking down complex topics into bite-sized modules, learners can easily assimilate information without feeling overwhelmed. It’s like serving a five-course meal as a series of appetizers that leave learners hungry for more knowledge.

By adopting a microlearning approach, organizations can offer their employees targeted and focused training that aligns with their on-the-job requirements. Microlearning ensures that employees receive the right information at the right time, enabling them to quickly apply their new knowledge and skills in their roles.

Key Features of Microlearning: Benefits:
Short and focused training modules Improved knowledge retention
Engaging and interactive content Enhanced learner motivation and engagement
Flexibility in delivery formats Adaptable to different learning styles

With the rise of remote work and the increasing need for continuous learning, microlearning is becoming an indispensable tool for organizations worldwide. It offers a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver training and keep employees skilled and up-to-date.

What Are Microlearning Platforms?

Microlearning platforms are an essential tool for modern learning and development (L&D) teams. They provide the necessary technology and features to create and deliver short, focused training content that improves employee performance and engagement. These platforms allow L&D teams to create engaging learning modules quickly, resulting in more productive and efficient training programs.

Microlearning platforms enable organizations to break down learning content into bite-sized, easily digestible modules. By delivering training in small, manageable chunks, employees can learn at their own pace and retain information more effectively. This approach to learning promotes better knowledge acquisition, retention, and application in the workplace.

One of the key advantages of microlearning platforms is their ability to provide engaging learning experiences. With features such as interactive multimedia elements, gamification, and quizzes, these platforms create an immersive learning environment that captures employees’ attention and keeps them motivated to learn.

“Microlearning platforms offer a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to improve employee performance through focused training content. By breaking down complex topics into short modules, employees can easily grasp and apply the information in their day-to-day work.”

Moreover, microlearning platforms are user-friendly, allowing L&D teams to create and deliver training content without the need for extensive technical skills. Many platforms offer built-in templates, authoring tools, and customizable features that simplify the content creation process.

To illustrate the benefits of microlearning platforms, let’s take a look at an example:

Hannah’s Manufacturing Company wants to enhance the knowledge and skills of their production line workers. Using a microlearning platform, the L&D team creates bite-sized training modules on safety protocols, equipment operation, and quality control. These modules are delivered in an engaging format, featuring interactive videos and quizzes. As a result, the production line workers have access to short, focused training content that improves their performance and ensures operational efficiency.

Overall, microlearning platforms play a vital role in improving employee performance and knowledge retention. By offering short and focused training content, these platforms enable organizations to deliver engaging learning experiences that enhance employee skills and productivity.

Top Microlearning Platforms for 2024

In 2024, the microlearning market is filled with exceptional platforms that have been ranked based on their features, user reviews, and overall performance. These platforms offer cutting-edge solutions for organizations seeking effective training methods. Here are some of the top microlearning platforms for 2024:

  1. Whatfix
  2. EdApp
  3. iSpring Learn
  4. 7taps
  5. Qstream
  6. TalentCards
  7. eduMe
  8. Grovo
  9. Oust Labs
  10. Shotclasses
  11. OttoLearn
  12. LearnUpon
  13. Master-O

These platforms have excelled in providing outstanding microlearning experiences, helping organizations effectively train their employees and meet their learning goals.

Each platform offers unique features and functionalities, ensuring that organizations can find the best fit for their training needs. From interactive walkthroughs to in-app guidance, these platforms offer versatile tools to engage learners and optimize training outcomes.

With these top microlearning platforms for 2024, organizations can harness the power of microlearning to deliver impactful training experiences and improve employee performance.

Platform Key Features
Whatfix In-app guidance, real-time support, contextual software training
EdApp Spaced repetition, gamification, mobile learning
iSpring Learn Responsive microlearning courses, built-in authoring tool
7taps Short modules, pre-designed canvas, drip learning campaigns
Qstream Microlearning and knowledge reinforcement, content SCORM authoring, microlearning analytics
TalentCards Flashcard approach, microlearning courses, shareable card sets
eduMe Bite-sized knowledge, interactive features, AI tools
Grovo Microlearning library, customizable courses, templates
Oust Labs Adaptive microlearning, personalized learning paths
Shotclasses Mobile-first microlearning, AI-driven recommendations
OttoLearn Microlearning with spaced repetition, knowledge tracking
LearnUpon SCORM-compliant microlearning, customized learning paths
Master-O Microlearning analytics, gamified learning experiences

Whatfix – Empowering Employees With In-App Guidance

When it comes to providing employees with effective and efficient training, Whatfix stands out as a digital adoption platform that empowers users with in-app guidance and real-time support. With its range of features, Whatfix enables organizations to offer contextual software training that helps employees navigate complex digital processes with ease.

One of the key features that make Whatfix a top choice for in-app guidance is its interactive walkthroughs. These walkthroughs provide step-by-step instructions directly within the software, allowing users to learn by doing. This hands-on approach ensures that employees can apply their knowledge immediately, enhancing their learning experience and boosting productivity.

In addition to interactive walkthroughs, Whatfix also offers a self-help resource center. This centralized hub provides employees with easy access to various resources, such as user guides, FAQs, and video tutorials. This empowers users to find the information they need quickly and independently, reducing the reliance on IT support and enabling them to overcome challenges efficiently.

Furthermore, Whatfix’s real-time support feature ensures that employees have the guidance they need exactly when they need it. Whether they encounter a roadblock or have a question, they can access real-time assistance directly within the software. This instant support not only saves time but also promotes a seamless learning experience where users can continue their training without interruptions.

Promoting Contextual Learning Through Whatfix

One of the standout features of Whatfix is its ability to provide contextual software training. By embedding training content directly within the software, Whatfix ensures that employees receive relevant guidance specific to their tasks. This contextual learning approach eliminates the need for separate training sessions and helps users learn in the context of their work, increasing knowledge retention and application.

The benefit of contextual learning is further enhanced by Whatfix’s ability to deliver real-time surveys. These surveys allow organizations to gather feedback from employees at the moment of training, capturing valuable input that can be used to improve the learning experience. With this feature, organizations can continuously refine their training programs and ensure that they align with employee needs and preferences.

Overall, Whatfix’s in-app guidance, real-time support, contextual software training, interactive walkthroughs, self-help resource center, and real-time surveys make it an indispensable tool for organizations looking to empower their employees with effective and engaging training.

With Whatfix, your employees can achieve their fullest potential through seamless and personalized learning experiences.

EdApp – A Free Microlearning Platform

When it comes to microlearning platforms, EdApp is a standout choice. This free platform offers a range of features that make learning engaging and effective. Let me highlight some of EdApp’s impressive features:

  • Spaced repetition: EdApp incorporates spaced repetition, a learning technique that helps reinforce knowledge over time. By spacing out learning sessions and reviewing information at specific intervals, learners can improve knowledge retention.
  • Gamification: EdApp uses gamification elements to make the learning experience enjoyable and interactive. Gamified elements such as leaderboards, badges, and rewards motivate learners to actively participate and complete microlessons.
  • Mobile learning: With EdApp, learning is no longer confined to a desktop. The platform delivers microlessons directly to learners’ smartphones, allowing them to access training content anytime, anywhere.
  • Microlessons: EdApp enables the creation of microlessons, which are short and focused learning modules. These bite-sized lessons are designed to deliver key information concisely and efficiently.

EdApp’s combination of spaced repetition, gamification, mobile learning, and microlessons ensures an engaging and effective learning experience. Learners can easily master new concepts and knowledge while enjoying the process.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s take a look at some of the positive reviews EdApp has received:

“EdApp has revolutionized our company’s training approach. The platform’s gamification features have boosted employee engagement and motivation. It’s a game-changer!” – Rachel, HR Manager

“Mobile learning with EdApp has transformed the way our remote teams access training. The microlessons are concise yet informative. Highly recommended!” – Mark, Team Lead

With EdApp, organizations can harness the power of microlearning to create impactful training programs. The platform’s user-friendly interface and innovative features make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Take a closer look at EdApp’s impact and accessibility with this visually appealing table:

EdApp Features

Features Description
Spaced Repetition Reinforces knowledge over time through strategically spaced learning sessions.
Gamification Motivates learners with game-like elements such as badges, rewards, and leaderboards.
Mobile Learning Delivers microlessons directly to learners’ smartphones, enabling anytime, anywhere access to training content.
Microlessons Short and focused learning modules that deliver key information concisely and efficiently.

As the table illustrates, EdApp’s features make it an all-in-one microlearning solution that enhances knowledge retention and learner engagement. It’s no wonder why EdApp stands out among other microlearning platforms.

iSpring Learn – Quick Start to Microlearning

Looking for a quick and hassle-free way to implement microlearning in your organization? Look no further than iSpring Learn. With its user-friendly features and built-in authoring tool, iSpring Learn is the perfect platform to kickstart your microlearning program.

One of the key features of iSpring Learn is its ability to create responsive microlearning courses. These courses adapt to different devices, ensuring that your employees can access the content anytime, anywhere. Whether they’re using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, iSpring Learn delivers a seamless learning experience.

The built-in authoring tool is another standout feature of iSpring Learn. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy expert or spend hours fine-tuning complex settings. With iSpring Learn, you can easily create interactive and engaging microlearning courses with knowledge checks to assess employees’ understanding.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what one satisfied user had to say about iSpring Learn:

“iSpring Learn has made it incredibly easy for me to create and deliver microlearning courses to our team. The responsive design feature ensures that everyone can access the content on any device, and the authoring tool is intuitive and straightforward. It has transformed our training program.” – Lisa Johnson, L&D Manager

Implementing microlearning has never been this simple. With iSpring Learn, you can hit the ground running and start seeing results in no time.

Why Choose iSpring Learn?

  • Quick and easy setup for a seamless microlearning experience
  • Responsive courses that can be accessed on any device
  • Built-in authoring tool for creating interactive and engaging content
  • Track and measure employee progress and results

Ready to take your training to the next level with iSpring Learn? Sign up today and see how microlearning can transform your organization.

7taps – Engaging Micro-courses in Minutes

If you’re looking for a microlearning platform that allows you to create and deliver engaging micro-courses in just 15 minutes, look no further than 7taps. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, 7taps is designed to help learners overcome challenges and acquire knowledge quickly.

One of the standout features of 7taps is its ability to create short modules that are easy to digest. Instead of overwhelming learners with lengthy courses, 7taps breaks down the content into bite-sized modules, making it easier for learners to grasp and retain information.

Creating visually appealing micro-courses is a breeze with 7taps’ pre-designed canvas. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize them to suit your specific training needs. Whether you’re designing courses for employee onboarding or product training, 7taps offers a range of options to ensure your content is engaging and impactful.

With 7taps, you can also launch drip learning campaigns to deliver content at a pace that suits your learners. Drip learning allows you to release modules over time, ensuring that learners don’t get overwhelmed and have enough time to absorb each piece of information. This approach promotes better knowledge retention, making the learning experience more effective.

To track the progress and performance of your learners, 7taps provides detailed reports that give you insights into their engagement and completion rates. These reports help you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your microlearning initiatives.

When it comes to delivering engaging micro-courses quickly and efficiently, 7taps stands out as a top choice. Its user-friendly interface, short modules, pre-designed canvas, and drip learning campaigns make it an ideal platform for organizations looking to implement effective microlearning programs.

Qstream – Simple and Effective Microlearning Solution

When it comes to implementing a microlearning strategy, Qstream is a standout option. This platform offers a simple and highly effective solution for microlearning and knowledge reinforcement. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Qstream helps organizations deliver impactful training programs that drive results.

One of the key features of Qstream is its microlearning and knowledge reinforcement capabilities. Qstream allows organizations to break down complex training content into bite-sized modules, making it easier for learners to digest and retain information. By delivering short and focused training content, Qstream ensures that learners stay engaged and motivated throughout the learning process.

Another notable feature of Qstream is its built-in content SCORM authoring tools. These tools enable organizations to create interactive and engaging learning content that is compatible with the SCORM standard. With Qstream’s authoring tools, L&D teams can easily develop and customize training materials to meet the specific needs of their organization.

Additionally, Qstream provides detailed microlearning analytics, allowing organizations to track the effectiveness of their training programs. With comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, L&D teams can gain valuable insights into learner engagement, knowledge retention, and overall training performance. This data-driven approach enables organizations to continuously improve their training strategies and optimize the learning experience.

To give you a visual representation of Qstream’s features, here is a table highlighting its key functionalities:

Features Description
Microlearning and Knowledge Reinforcement Deliver short and focused training content for effective learning and knowledge retention.
Content SCORM Authoring Create interactive and engaging learning content compatible with the SCORM standard.
Microlearning Analytics Track and analyze learner engagement, knowledge retention, and training performance.

In summary, Qstream is a simple and effective microlearning solution that empowers organizations to deliver impactful training programs. With its microlearning and knowledge reinforcement features, content SCORM authoring capabilities, and comprehensive analytics, Qstream provides a holistic approach to microlearning. By leveraging Qstream, organizations can enhance their training strategies, improve employee performance, and drive long-term success.

microlearning analytics

TalentCards – Mobile Training for Frontline Workers

As a mobile training platform designed specifically for frontline workers, TalentCards offers a convenient and effective solution for training frontline teams. Its unique flashcard approach delivers bite-sized microlearning courses that are easy to understand and retain.

With TalentCards, users can create card sets containing relevant training material and share them with employees via the mobile app. This feature allows for seamless dissemination of information and ensures that frontline workers have access to the knowledge they need, right at their fingertips.

The flashcard approach used by TalentCards makes learning engaging and interactive. Employees can go through the flashcards at their own pace, reinforcing their understanding of key concepts. The bite-sized nature of the microlearning courses ensures that the training content is easily digestible, even for busy frontline workers.

Additionally, TalentCards supports the creation of shareable card sets. This means that L&D teams can build a library of training resources that can be accessed and shared across different teams or departments. This makes it easier to scale training efforts and maintain consistency in knowledge transfer.

Overall, TalentCards provides a user-friendly and intuitive platform for delivering mobile microlearning courses to frontline workers. Its flashcard approach, coupled with the ability to create and share card sets, makes it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to improve the knowledge and skills of their frontline teams.

“TalentCards is an excellent tool for delivering focused training content to our frontline workers. The flashcard approach keeps them engaged and the mobile app ensures easy access to the training material. It has made a significant impact on our employees’ performance and overall productivity.” – Jane Davis, Learning and Development Manager at XYZ Corporation

The Benefits of TalentCards:

  • Engaging flashcard approach
  • Bite-sized microlearning courses
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Shareable card sets
  • Improved knowledge retention
  • Scalable training efforts

Learn more about TalentCards

Visit the TalentCards website to explore their features and see how this mobile training platform can elevate your frontline training programs.

eduMe – Mobile-based Frontline Training Platform

eduMe is a mobile-based frontline training platform that revolutionizes the way organizations deliver knowledge to their employees. With its innovative features, interactive modules, and AI tools, eduMe offers an exceptional learning experience.

The platform focuses on providing bite-sized knowledge, allowing learners to absorb information in small, easily digestible modules. These microlearning modules are designed to maximize learner engagement and knowledge retention. Whether it’s onboarding new employees or upskilling existing ones, eduMe ensures that the learning process is efficient, effective, and engaging.

The interactive features of eduMe make it an exciting and immersive learning environment. Learners can actively participate in the learning process through quizzes, assessments, and surveys. This interactive approach not only reinforces learning but also encourages employees to take an active role in their development.

One of the standout features of eduMe is its AI tools. These tools simplify the module creation process by automating certain tasks, saving time for busy teams. The AI tools assist in content curation, module structuring, and even personalized learning recommendations. With eduMe, organizations can optimize their training programs and deliver tailored learning experiences to each employee.

The Benefits of Using eduMe

  • Enhanced accessibility: The mobile-based nature of eduMe allows employees to access training material anytime, anywhere, making learning convenient and flexible.
  • Increase employee engagement: The bite-sized knowledge and interactive features of eduMe ensure that employees are actively engaged in the learning process, resulting in higher knowledge retention.
  • Personalized learning: The AI tools of eduMe enable personalized learning recommendations, ensuring that employees receive the most relevant and valuable training content.
  • Efficient module creation: The AI tools automate certain tasks, making the module creation process faster and more efficient for L&D teams.

eduMe is a comprehensive platform that empowers organizations to deliver effective and engaging frontline training. With its focus on bite-sized knowledge, interactive features, and AI tools, eduMe takes the training experience to the next level.

Grovo – Impactful Microlearning for All Industries

If you’re looking for a microlearning platform that delivers impactful training across various industries, Grovo is the perfect choice. With its wide range of features and customizable options, Grovo empowers organizations to create effective and engaging microlearning experiences.

One of the standout features of Grovo is its extensive microlearning library. With over 2500 lessons on demand, you’ll have access to a vast repository of ready-made training content. Whether you need to train your employees on compliance, leadership, or technical skills, Grovo’s library has got you covered.

But Grovo doesn’t stop at pre-made lessons. It also allows you to customize courses according to your specific needs. You can tailor the content to match your organization’s branding, culture, and learning objectives. Grovo understands that one size does not fit all, and that’s why it gives you the flexibility to create training that resonates with your employees.

For those who prefer a quicker solution, Grovo offers ready-to-go templates. These templates provide a starting point for creating engaging microlearning courses without the need for extensive design or development skills. Simply customize the template with your content, and you’re ready to go!

Why Choose Grovo for Microlearning?

“Grovo has revolutionized the way our organization delivers training. The extensive library and customizable courses have allowed us to provide targeted and engaging learning experiences for our employees. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and the templates have been a game-changer for our training team. Highly recommended!” – Jane Johnson, L&D Manager

With Grovo, you can expect:

  • Effective microlearning experiences across industries
  • An extensive microlearning library with over 2500 lessons
  • Customizable courses to match your organization’s needs
  • Ready-to-go templates for quick course creation

With its powerful features and options, Grovo is a versatile platform that caters to the diverse training needs of organizations in any industry.

Experience the impact of Grovo microlearning in action and take your training to the next level!

Features Description
Microlearning library Access to over 2500 lessons for on-demand training
Customizable courses Modify training content to align with your organization’s branding and objectives
Templates Ready-to-go templates for easy and quick course creation


In conclusion, microlearning platforms play a crucial role in enabling organizations to deliver effective and engaging training to their employees. These platforms offer a wide range of features and functionalities that enhance the learning experience and improve knowledge retention.

When it comes to internal training, TalentCards emerges as the best microlearning platform. Its mobile-based approach and flashcard methodology make it ideal for delivering bite-sized training to frontline workers. With customizable microlearning courses and shareable card sets, TalentCards provides a convenient and effective solution for organizations.

For external training programs, the top choice is Kajabi. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools for creating and managing online courses, allowing organizations to deliver high-quality training to external audiences. Kajabi’s user-friendly interface and robust features make it the best option for external training initiatives.

Additionally, YouTube is a popular choice for microlearning due to its accessibility and vast library of resources. Organizations can leverage this platform to share video content and provide on-demand training to their employees.

Other notable microlearning platforms worth considering include Spekit, Seismic Learning, Guru, and Trainual. These platforms offer unique features and capabilities that cater to different training needs and preferences.

Ultimately, the choice of microlearning platform depends on the specific requirements of the organization, whether it’s for internal or external training. By leveraging the right microlearning platform, organizations can transform their learning and development initiatives, driving higher engagement, performance, and growth.


What are microlearning platforms?

Microlearning platforms are L&D tools that enable the creation and delivery of short and focused training content. These platforms allow L&D teams to create engaging learning modules in a short time frame, improving employee performance and focus.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is defined as breaking down learning content into bite-sized modules geared toward meeting specific goals. It focuses on delivering short and engaging training content that can be easily consumed by learners. Microlearning platforms enable L&D teams to create effective and focused learning modules that improve employee performance and engagement.

Which are the top microlearning platforms for 2024?

Some of the top microlearning platforms for 2024 include Whatfix, EdApp, iSpring Learn, 7taps, Qstream, Talentcards, eduMe, Grovo, Oust Labs, Shotclasses, OttoLearn, LearnUpon, and Master-O.

What are the features of Whatfix?

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that empowers employees with in-app guidance and real-time support. This platform enables organizations to provide contextual software training to their employees, helping them navigate complex digital processes. Whatfix offers features like interactive walkthroughs, self-help resource centers, and real-time surveys to enhance the learning experience.

What features does EdApp offer?

EdApp is a free microlearning platform that offers features like spaced repetition, gamification, and mobile learning. This platform makes learning fun and engaging, improving knowledge retention and embedding knowledge. EdApp allows users to create microlessons and deliver them directly to learners’ smartphones.

What are the features of iSpring Learn?

iSpring Learn is a microlearning platform that allows users to quickly start a microlearning program and track results. It offers a built-in authoring tool that can be used to create responsive microlearning courses with knowledge checks. iSpring Learn is easy to use and does not require fine-tuning complex settings.

What features does 7taps offer?

7taps is a microlearning platform that enables the creation and delivery of engaging micro-courses in just 15 minutes. It helps learners overcome challenges by providing “just-in-time” guides and instructions. 7taps allows users to create an optimal microlearning experience with a pre-designed canvas, launch drip learning campaigns, and download reports on learner performance.

How does Qstream work as a microlearning solution?

Qstream is a simple and highly effective microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution. This platform offers built-in content SCORM authoring tools and provides detailed microlearning analytics. Qstream allows organizations to measure the success of their training programs and continuously improve training results.

What are the features of TalentCards?

TalentCards is a mobile training platform designed specifically for frontline workers. It uses a flashcard approach to deliver bite-sized microlearning courses. TalentCards allows users to create card sets with training material and share them with employees via the mobile app. It is a convenient and effective solution for training frontline teams.

What features does eduMe offer?

eduMe is a mobile-based frontline training platform that makes bite-sized knowledge more accessible. It offers traditional microlearning modules, assessments, quizzes, and surveys, enhanced by social media-style vertical videos and interactive features. eduMe also provides AI tools to support module creation and save time for busy teams.

What are the features of Grovo?

Grovo is a microlearning platform that delivers impactful microlearning across various industries. It offers an extensive microlearning library with over 2500 lessons on demand. Grovo allows users to customize courses according to their needs or build new courses from scratch using ready-to-go templates. It is a versatile platform that caters to different training needs.

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