9 Best Marketing Project Management Software of 2023 (Ranked)

Are you attempting to keep an eye on your to-do list, the campaign request queue, and the breakdown of your quarterly goals? You not only sound exceedingly dizzy, but you also appear to require marketing projects management software urgently!

As the business landscape continues to evolve, navigating marketing project management can be a daunting task. Fortunately, managing complex tactical workflows and operations can become much easier with the right software.

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Best Marketing Project Management Software

Marketing managers at businesses, agencies, and startups often conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns. Without project management software, they would likely lose one working day each week looking for data buried in lengthy email threads.

Software for managing marketing-related initiatives may be used to plan, coordinate, and complete them. The finest marketing software, however, organizes team handoffs, supports a range of processes, and easily interfaces with other programs for a whole tech stack.

The reality is that manual operations can’t keep up with the expansion. Therefore it’s critical to consider integrating a software engine to support your employees, marketing procedures, and partners.

This article includes a list of the top 9 marketing project management tools. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one suite or specific tools like budgeting and task-tracking options, you should be able to find something that meets your needs in our top 9 list.

What is project management software?

Project management software is an asset for businesses and teams of any size, offering a wide range of capabilities. It helps teams stay organized and ensure everyone involved in the project is on the same page while working towards collective goals.

It provides a centralized platform where users can store and share documents, assign tasks, track project progress, manage budgets, and collaborate with colleagues in real-time across different departments.

By inserting structure into complex projects and streamlining task completion, project management software helps to improve the efficiency of entire organizations.

What does marketing Project management software do?

Project management software helps marketing professionals to stay organized and efficiently keep track of multiple tasks, initiatives, and campaigns. With project management software, marketers can streamline workflow processes and allow access to shared files in real time, which significantly increases productivity.

How should I choose a project management tool?

There are many key factors you should think about while selecting a project management tool. Budget, scaling possibilities, team size, permissions and security choices, file storage capacity, and integration capabilities are typical deciding criteria.

The other factors you should consider should be user friendliness and problems your team wishes to tackle using PM software. You may then make a list of your top tools from there.

Benefits of using software for project management

Due to its many clear advantages, most successful teams, people, and companies use project management software.

  • Increasing productivity
  • Access to files and data centralized
  • Efficient task management
  • Team members are open with one another
  • Goal-setting and progress monitoring in real-time
  • Responsible resource management
  • Improved cooperation and communication

Features of good project management software

Good project management software should function as an all-in-one solution, which is one of its key advantages. Make sure the project management tool you choose has the following characteristics to obtain that title:

  • Tracking of time
  • Reporting
  • Calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts are scheduling and project planning examples.
  • Monitoring your spending
  • Keeping and sharing documents

9Best Project Management Software for Marketing Teams

These software systems provide unique functions for different uses and applications and are categorized according to their specific requirements. It’ll be easy to locate a product to meet your marketing needs. Marketing involves planning and strategizing and requires constant updates at different stages. The best project management software for marketing agencies is below here.


ProofHub is a flexible project management solution. Leading businesses like NASA, Disney, Taco Bell, and many more utilize ProofHub.

word image 26821 2

ProofHub is a highly scalable solution for coordinating project activity, regardless of whether your team has 10, 50, or 500 project participants. It allows managers to control project communication while managing all project activities fully.

One of ProofHub’s strengths is that it offers essential project tools, including files, time tracking, team chat, calendar, and anything else you can think of in a stylish online interface.

The most recent version is perfect for remote teams and contracted projects since it is entirely cloud-enabled. Team members may log in to a single project management platform for their requirements. You can guarantee data security and risk-free telecommuting by using the secure IP option, which enables you to limit IP addresses from accessing your ProofHub account.

The digital proofing tool of ProofHub is another helpful feature. Cross-functional teams may significantly speed up their creative process while working on web design, social media, and advertising projects.


  • ProofHub has an affordable price, which helps improve projects’ profitability.
  • Proofhub is simple right away; there are fewer learning curves and increased productivity.


  • The tool is unsuitable for big teams and complicated projects due to its excessive simplicity.


marketing project management tool visual project management software in house creative teams

Scoro project management software is a great way to stay organized and efficient in the workplace. It allows you to streamline tasks and collaborate with team members under one centralized platform.

You can keep pertinent information and documents, assign responsibilities accordingly, monitor progress, track time and expenses, set up workflows, steer meetings effectively, and much more.

With advanced features tailored for both individual projects as well as large enterprises, this advanced project management solution gains greater ROI for businesses with every upgrade. Investing in Scoro helps companies become more productive and profitable by allowing them to make better use of available resources.


  • Ability to integrate with other popular applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities with detailed insights into how projects are performing


  • Limited ability to customize the interface
  • No mobile application available for iOS or Android devices
  • Limited customer support options
  • Expensive pricing plans compared to other solutions on the market.


word image 26821 4

Workzone project management software offers an innovative way to manage projects, tasks, and team communication. This powerful tool features a simple and intuitive user interface that makes keeping your projects on track a breeze.

From task management and scheduling to collaboration and reporting—all of these activities can be handled within the platform. Plus, Workzone has been designed with an eye towards scalability, meaning it works just as well for large organizations with complex workflows as it does for small teams with fewer complexities.

With this robust set of features, Workzone provides teams of all sizes with the tools they need to complete their project.


  • The intuitive and easy-to-use interface that users can quickly learn
  • Comprehensive project management features such as task management, resource allocation, and Gantt charts


  • Limited integration with other applications such as Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Limited customer support options
  • Expensive pricing plans compared to other solutions on the market.


word image 26821 5

Filestage project management software is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. This intuitive software helps teams streamline review and approval processes, fostering better collaboration across departments.

With its easy-to-use dashboard, users can track every file within different projects quickly and efficiently. Using its innovative features, such as automated reminders, integrated feedback loops, and custom-made roles, teams can ensure their workflow runs smoothly and on schedule.

From simple text documents to high-res videos and audio, Filestage’s secure cloud platform provides the tools needed to keep the whole team in communication while keeping data secure and organized. If you’re looking for an effective solution to help manage your complicated projects, look no further than Filestage!


  • The easy-to-use interface is intuitive and allows users to learn how to use the software quickly
  • Powerful features such as task management, Gantt charts, resource allocation, and project collaboration
  • Flexible pricing plans to fit any budget


  • Limited integration with other applications such as Microsoft Office and Google Apps
  • No mobile application available for iOS or Android devices
  • No support for multi-currency or international customers


word image 26821 6

Monday project management software is a powerful tool designed to take the headache out of managing multiple tasks and organizing collaboration between teams.

This software provides users with a robust suite of features, including project tracking, task prioritization, and workflow automation. With Monday’s visual dashboard, everyone can easily keep track of progress and milestones in real-time, wherever they are located.

The customizable dashboard allows users to tailor the layout to their requirements and preferences. Monday makes project organization and management easier, whether you are a sole proprietor or a large business entity.


  • Users praise Monday for being clear and logical.
  • This tool places a lot of emphasis on providing a visual experience that makes it simple to grasp what is happening at a glance.


  • Some users claim that the tool performs worse the more they add to it. Ineffectiveness and annoyance may result from this scam.
  • It can become very expensive because the price rises gradually as users add clients.


word image 26821 7

Wrike is a comprehensive project management software designed to help organizations stay organized and on top of all their projects. Wrike provides customizable features, such as creating personal dashboards and task boards, allowing users to manage their work and track tasks easily.

It has powerful integrations with other popular services, including Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365, which makes it possible for teams to collaborate on documents in real time. Wrike also includes an intuitive user interface with helpful tips to ensure that everyone in the organization gets up to speed quickly.

As a result, businesses can benefit by being more efficient with their time, improving team communication, and streamlining project execution.


  • Users may quickly and easily locate a project’s graphic to obtain a full overview.


  • This tool is challenging to set up and use, which may affect how effective and appropriate it is.


trello marketing project management system software example

Trello is a powerful project management software that can help individuals and teams better organize their projects and tasks. With Trello, you can create boards, lists, and cards to manage tasks, set priorities, and collaborate with others.

You can easily add comments to tasks, upload files, assign various people to specific tasks or projects, get notified of updates or changes in real-time, and even integrate other apps.

With the ability to customize colors, backgrounds, and more, Trello provides users with ultimate flexibility in structuring their project settings.

Users can access their Trello accounts from anywhere they have an internet connection on their computer and all mobile devices. Knowing how efficient Trello is will make all your projects much more accessible!


  • The tool may be easily customized.
  • Project managers have access to a powerful task-management system in even the free version.


  • It cannot automate routine tasks, which can decrease productivity and increase the amount of manual work required.
  • It can be very challenging to link cards between boards, which can be frustrating and decrease transparency.


online project management tool

Hive project management software is a powerful solution for teams of all sizes. It’s designed to help keep projects organized and on track with intuitive workflows, automated task assignments, and real-time progress updates.

Hive enables teams to coordinate everyone’s tasks effectively, schedule when each job must be completed, and stay up-to-date with changes. Its robust features make it the go-to platform for project managers looking to create efficient workflows regardless of their team size or the complexity of their projects.

With Hive, teams can efficiently manage deadlines, track progress, and measure success in one centralized hub.


  • The intuitive and easy-to-use interface that users can quickly learn
  • Comprehensive project management features such as task management, resource allocation, and Gantt charts
  • Robust reporting capabilities with customizable reports


  • Limited integration with other applications such as Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Limited customer support options
  • Expensive pricing plans compared to other solutions on the market.


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Basecamp project management software helps businesses and teams organize and manage their projects in one centralized platform. It provides users with features such as to-do lists, document storage, automated check-ins, and message boards.

This makes it easy for teams to collaborate from any location and effectively manage big and small projects. In addition, management tools like monthly reports enable managers to check on project status quickly updates for better visibility across multiple projects.

It also reduces paperwork and eliminates the need for manual data tracking. Basecamp is the most preferred choice for businesses seeking a simple yet powerful solution for project management needs.


  • The platform effortlessly connects with various technologies to provide project managers and their teams extra capability and greater ease.
  • The technology scales well compared to alternatives, enabling project managers to handle complicated projects with several team members.


  • Its extensive functionality results in a somewhat high learning curve, making onboarding new members time-consuming.
  • While the platform’s capacity to invite customers to utilize it is useful, outside users often experience confusion and intimidation.


What is the most popular project management software right now?

Currently, the most successful software for managing projects is Trello. Asana. Wrik. Base Camp and hive

What software does PMO use?

Plansview allows the PMO team to make better and faster decisions, enabling on-budget execution and achieving business benefits.

What are the four main types of project management software?

Project management tools include individual projects, collaborative projects integrated, and cloud-based.

What is project management software?

Project management software is a comprehensive solution designed to help businesses, teams, and individuals organize tasks, and create efficient workflows.

What is the benefit of using project management software?

Project management software helps businesses and teams organize tasks, streamline workflows, and improve communication.


Project management software can be a great tool to help organizations of any size stay organized, prioritize tasks, and better manage resources. With the right software, teams, and businesses can improve communication, speed up project execution, and achieve tremendous success. Popular options such as Trello, Hive, and Basecamp offer a variety of features to suit any project requirement, ensuring businesses can get the most out of their projects. When selecting the best software for a project, it’s essential to consider the size and scope of the project, as well as what resources are available and how they will be used. With the right project management software, teams can take their projects to the next level and achieve tremendous success.

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