9 Best Anti-fraud Software of 2023 (Ranked and Compared)

Best Anti-fraud Software

Fraudulent activities can devastate businesses and individuals, costing victims valuable time and money. With the rise of digital transactions, the risk of fraud is higher than ever. To protect against it, many organizations are turning to anti-fraud software. This type of software is designed to detect and prevent fraudulent activity by monitoring activity, identifying suspicious patterns, and providing alerts when potential fraud is detected.

In this article, we’ll review the nine best anti-fraud software of 2023, ranked and compared side by side. We’ll break down their features and pricing to help you determine which one is right for you. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to protect your business from fraud, read on to learn more about the top anti-fraud software of 2023.

1. Signifyd


Signifyd provides merchants with eCommerce fraud protection software to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. It helps identify the identity and intent behind every payment, increasing trust between buyers and sellers. Features include fraud protection, abuse prevention, account protection, payments optimization, revenue optimization, and more.

Signifyd is trusted by companies such as Samsung, Walmart, eBay, Lacoste, and Wish. It also provides PSD2 compliance and SCA in retail to help merchants achieve cross-border expansion and order automation for an omnichannel commerce experience. Signifyd is a great option for merchants looking to protect their businesses from fraud and increase customer trust.


  • Fraud protection
  • Abuse prevention
  • Account protection
  • Payments optimization
  • Revenue optimization
  • PSD2 compliance and SCA in retail


Signifyd offers custom pricing plans depending on each merchant’s size, scope, and needs.

2) Fraud.net


Fraud.net is an invaluable tool for businesses in the financial services sector, providing a comprehensive fraud management platform that uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to identify and prevent fraudulent activity. With its intuitive user interface, Fraud.net enables you to monitor and detect suspicious behavior patterns quickly and accurately. It provides a complete suite of fraud risk assessment capabilities that help you protect your business from the growing threat of financial fraud.

Fraud.net’s advanced technology can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions by recognizing patterns in customer data, such as suspicious behaviors, geographic locations, devices used, account histories, etc. It also offers detailed analytics insights to help you understand the scope and nature of the threat posed by fraudulent activities so that you can take the appropriate steps to protect your business.

Key features:

  • Adaptive Fraud Detection and Risk Management
  • Real-Time fraud alerts
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Fraud Prevention System
  • Transaction Monitoring


The plans are tailored according to the number of transactions each business handles and its fraud prevention needs.

3) Seon


Seon is an all-in-one fraud prevention solution for online businesses. It helps detect and prevent fraudulent activities, giving businesses insight into customer interactions and transactions. Seon offers more than 50 digital and social media lookups to ensure comprehensive fraud protection.

Additionally, it provides threat intelligence capabilities to monitor and track suspicious activities in real time. Seon is a powerful solution that protects businesses from potential fraud while maintaining an efficient and secure online presence. With its advanced algorithms, businesses can confidently monitor their transactions and interactions.

Key features:

  • 1. Advanced Fraud Detection
  • 2. Digital and Social Media Lookups
  • 3 . Threat Intelligence
  • 4. Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking
  • 5. Automated Fraud Alerts
  • 6. Proactive Fraud Prevention
  • 7. Customizable Rules and Settings
  • 8. Multi-Layered Security


Paid plan starts at $299/month and includes access to all features.

4) ClearSale


ClearSale is a powerful fraud prevention tool designed to protect e-commerce businesses from fraudulent activities. It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify and prevent fraudulent activities in real time, helping organizations reduce chargeback losses and increase customer satisfaction.

With ClearSale, businesses can detect fraud and suspicious activity quickly and accurately. It also provides user-friendly tools like customizable reporting and risk management features to help organizations streamline operations.

Key features

  • Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to detect fraud.
  • Customizable risk management tools.
  • Actionable insights through real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Automated dispute resolution system.
  • Comprehensive customer support services.


ClearSale offers pricing plans based on the number of transactions businesses handle and their fraud prevention needs.

5. Kount


Kount lets retailers get the most from their fraud prevention resources by providing real-time, actionable insights. Its platform provides an extensive suite of fraud detection and prevention solutions, including machine learning and AI-driven fraud analytics, device identification, IP address tracking, geolocation intelligence, and more.

With Kount, merchants can efficiently detect and prevent fraud while maintaining a positive customer experience. The platform also offers global coverage with an expansive network of over 300 data sources, allowing merchants to better identify fraud trends and act quickly to protect their businesses from fraudulent activity.

Kount also offers a variety of integrations with popular e-commerce platforms, making it easy to start and start leveraging its powerful fraud detection capabilities.

Key Features:

• Machine Learning and AI-driven fraud analytics

• Device identification

• IP address tracking

• Geolocation intelligence

• Easy integrations with popular e-commerce platforms


Kount offers a tiered pricing plan, starting at $99 monthly for up to 1,000 orders. For larger businesses, Kount also offers custom pricing options.

6. Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs
Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs’ platform is designed to protect the digital experience with automated, innovative fraud prevention solutions. Its sophisticated technology uses advanced machine learning, behavioral analysis, and data science to challenge and authenticate users while detecting real-time anomalies. This allows Arkose Labs’ customers to confidently protect against credential stuffing, account takeover, identity fraud, and other attacks while remaining compliant with privacy regulations.

The platform enables organizations to protect their digital experiences by quickly detecting bots, automated tools, and malicious actors at the point of login or transaction submission. Using advanced analytics technologies and proprietary algorithms, Arkose Labs can accurately identify attackers in real time for maximum prevention while optimizing user experience.

Key Features:

  • User authentication and verification to prevent credential stuffing and identity fraud.
  • Real-time attack detection and prevention of automated tools, bots, and malicious actors.
  • Machine learning and behavioral analytics for effective risk scoring of users.
  • Data science to understand user behavior and identify anomalies.
  • Compliance with privacy regulations to ensure secure data protection.


Arkose Labs offers a variety of plans which can be tailored to the specific needs of each organization. Prices vary depending on the number of users, features, and services required. Interested parties should contact Arkose Labs directly for more pricing information.

7. Certifid


Certifid uses a range of advanced technologies to identify and detect suspicious behavior. The software utilizes predictive analytics, anomaly detection, facial recognition, and biometrics to quickly detect fraud attempts. It also provides an easy-to-use dashboard for users to stay informed about their organization’s risk posture. Additionally, the system is designed with open APIs to ensure seamless integration with existing security protocols.

Certifid allows organizations to detect suspicious transactions, verify identities and monitor user activity in real-time. The software can help firms mitigate fraud losses, reduce false positives and improve operational efficiency while maintaining compliance with relevant regulations.

Key features:

  • Automated fraud detection and prevention capabilities
  • Identity verification and authentication using facial recognition, biometrics, and other advanced technologies
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics to identify suspicious activity quickly
  • Advanced reporting tools for organizations to stay informed about risk posture


Basic plan: $150/month

Premium plan: $250/month

Custom plans are available for companies with more complex needs.

8. DataDom


DataDom is an advanced fraud and bot management system designed to detect and prevent malicious activity in real-time. It utilizes sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to recognize suspicious behavior from user interactions on mobile apps, websites, and APIs. This technology provides a comprehensive layer of security for businesses by alerting them to potential threats before they become costly issues.

With DataDom, businesses can gain peace of mind knowing their data is protected by one of the most advanced anti-fraud systems on the market. Moreover, DataDom’s intuitive user interface allows for easy setup and management of security measures to ensure maximum protection.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Fraud and Bot Detection
  • Automated Risk Scoring and Decision Making
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Reports & Analytics
  • Intuitive User Interface


DataDom offers three different plans based on the size of a business’s needs. The Basic plan starts at $2990/month. The Professional plan starts at $5990/month. The Enterprise plan will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

9. Alessa


Alessa is a powerful anti-fraud solution that helps businesses identify and prevent potential fraudulent activities. It enables organizations to analyze data from various sources, such as customer records, transaction histories, and external data points. With its advanced analytics capabilities, businesses can detect suspicious patterns in their data, enabling them to act before fraud occurs.

Key features:

  • Real-time Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis
  • Automated Risk Scoring and Monitoring
  • AI-Powered Fraud Insights


Alessa’s pricing plans are tailored to fit the needs and budget of your business. For more information on pricing and features, please contact the Alessa sales team.


Fraud detection and prevention technologies have become essential to managing a company’s security. Finding the right fraud detection software for your business can be a challenge, but various fraud detection tools are available to help. From Alessa to DataDom to CertifID and more, businesses have multiple options to choose from when it comes to protecting their data and financial assets. With the right fraud detection software in place, organizations can increase the security of their operations, reduce costs associated with fraudulent activities, and improve customer trust.


What is Financial Fraud Detection Software?

Financial fraud detection software helps organizations detect and prevent fraudulent activities. It uses a combination of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to identify anomalies in transaction data that might indicate a risk of fraud.

What are some of the most common fraud prevention tools?

Common fraud prevention tools include identity verification, transaction monitoring, and data analysis. Identity verification helps businesses verify the identity of customers and identify any potential fraudulent activity. Transaction monitoring tracks transactions and uses analytics to detect anomalies that might indicate fraud. Data analysis is used to uncover patterns and correlations in large data sets that could indicate fraud.

What is the best fraud detection software available?

The best fraud detection software varies based on the fraud types and risks an organization is trying to prevent. Organizations should evaluate different software solutions based on their specific needs and research fraud detection solutions that offer the needed features.

How can online fraud detection help prevent fraud?

Online fraud detection can help organizations detect and prevent fraudulent activities. It uses a combination of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to identify anomalies in transaction data that might indicate a risk of fraud. Online fraud detection can also help organizations identify and stop fraudulent transactions before they occur, reducing the risk of financial losses.

What types of fraud can be detected with online fraud detection software?

Online fraud detection can help detect a range of frauds, including credit card fraud, account takeover fraud, identity theft, and more. It can also monitor suspicious activity and detect anomalies in transaction data that may indicate a risk of fraud.

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