17 Fast-Growing EdTech Companies and Startups (2023)

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The education sector has seen massive growth over the last decade, with technology playing an ever-increasing role in the classroom. In addition to traditional educational institutions such as universities and colleges investing heavily in tech solutions, hundreds of small and innovative startups are now tackling specific problems within this space and providing innovative solutions. As we look ahead, these tech companies and startups have tremendous potential to significantly impact our classrooms—and revolutionize how students of every age can access learning opportunities.

1. Teachoo


Teachoo is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after edtech companies and startups. Founded in 2018, this ambitious online platform has recently launched its innovative teaching platform that offers comprehensive content for students to learn from home. Teachoo’s mission is to make learning easy and accessible, regardless of location or financial constraints.

The platform provides various educational resources, including tutorials and practice tests in math, science, language arts, social studies, and other topics. With detailed lessons that contain step-by-step instructions, visual aids, interactive quizzes, and more, users can feel confident they’re receiving an education on par with traditional classrooms—all within the comfort of their own homes. In addition to this primary service offering, Teachoo also provides premium features such as live classes hosted by experts in their field.

Since its launch two years ago, Teachoo has seen tremendous growth—reaching millions of students worldwide with its unique approach to online learning. The company continues to push innovation forward by constantly updating its content library with new materials and tools that make it even easier for students to learn at home. With the right combination of technology and dedication towards providing professional education at scale, Teachoo will remain a leader in the edtech industry for years.

2. Kalam Labs

Kalam Labs
Kalam Labs

Kalam Labs is a San Francisco, California-based edtech company that provides leading educational institutions the tools they need to manage and track students’ performance more. With their proprietary cloud-based platform, Kalam delivers personalized learning experiences based on each student’s unique needs. This adaptive learning technology enables instructors to create customized curriculums for each student while providing real-time feedback and analytics to help educators identify areas of improvement.

Kalam Labs has also developed a unique online tutoring platform that provides instant guidance to college and struggling students who need extra help. The company’s experienced tutors provide personalized support on topics ranging from subject-matter knowledge to study skills and test preparation. The online tutoring platform is a subscription service, meaning that students can receive guidance whenever needed.

Kalam Labs continues to develop cutting-edge technology to empower students of all ages to reach their full potential in education. With its innovative solutions and tools, Kalam Labs will surely be one of the top edtech companies in the education sector for years to come.

3. Jolt


Founded in 2015, Jolt is an Israel-based edtech startup that provides college students and professionals with the tools they need to stay at the forefront of their industry. The company offers an online learning platform that provides courses, tutorials, and other educational resources on software engineering and digital marketing.

Jolt’s mission is to empower individuals by giving them easy access to quality education materials. Users can select from pre-created programs through their online course library or create their custom curriculum for professional development and career growth. Jolt also offers corporate training services for businesses looking to provide employees with up-to-date skillsets.

In recent years, Jolt has quickly become one of the leading providers of online education solutions. With its user-friendly platform, extensive library of courses, and commitment to providing quality education materials, Jolt will remain a top edtech company for the foreseeable future.

4. AllCampus


AllCampus is a US-based edtech company that provides cutting-edge technology to higher education institutions. The company’s cloud-based learning platform helps streamline the administration process for educational institutions, making it easier than ever for faculty and staff to manage their operations. AllCampus also offers an interactive student portal where students can access course materials, view grades, and transcripts, request financial aid, and more from one easy-to-use interface.

In addition to its core products, AllCampus develops various innovative tools designed to improve student performance. These include adaptive learning technology, online tutoring services, virtual labs and simulations, and more. By providing these tools directly to leading educational institutions, AllCampus is helping to shape the future of education.

AllCampus continues to drive innovation in the edtech industry with its cloud-based learning platform and student management tools. With its commitment to providing quality educational technology solutions, AllCampus will remain a top player in the edtech space for years.

5. Outschool


Outschool is a Canada and US-based edtech company that provides online courses and classes to students of all ages. The company aims to empower students with quality learning materials and resources. Outschool offers many courses, from traditional academic topics such as math and language arts to more specialized topics like robotics and music production.

In addition to providing educational content, Outschool also offers tools for instructors who would like to create custom courses or lesson plans. The platform makes it easy for teachers to create interactive lessons that engage students in the classroom while providing valuable feedback on student performance.

With its innovative approach to online education, Outschool has quickly become one of the top edtech companies in North America. From helping struggling students gain new skills to empowering future teachers with an online tutoring platform, Outschool will remain a leader in education technology for years to come.

6. Edapp


Edapp is a Sydney, Australia-based edtech startup specializing in developing software solutions for the education sector. The company’s mission is to create innovative learning experiences that inspire students and help them reach their full potential. To do this, Edapp provides various educational tools and resources, from games and simulations to interactive tutorials and assessments.

In addition to its core products, Edapp offers custom development services for businesses looking to integrate edtech into their operations. Whether creating a unique online platform or integrating edtech into an existing system, Edapp can provide customized solutions tailored to fit any organization’s needs.

Since its launch in 2015, Edapp has quickly become one of the top edtech startups in Australia. With its commitment to developing cutting-edge edtech solutions, Edapp will remain a leader in the edtech space for years.

7. Utobo


Utobo is an EdTech company and startup with a fast-growing presence in the education market. Utobo provides cloud-based technology solutions that help teachers, students, and institutions better manage their academic processes. Its AI technologies are helping to streamline educational activities while boosting productivity and efficiency. Utobo also offers personalized learning opportunities to its users so they can create customized learning experiences that help them progress faster in their studies.

Its innovative products have helped it become one of the most popular EdTech startups in the world. Utobo has worked with top educational institutions worldwide and currently serves over 1 million users globally, providing them with a comprehensive suite of online tools for teaching and learning.

Its platform offers an extensive library of courses, tutorials, and resources for students to learn from, enabling them to reach their full potential. With its commitment to continuous innovation, Utobo is quickly emerging as one of the leading players in the EdTech market. It is poised to become a driving force in transforming education worldwide.

8. Clever


Clever is an edtech startup providing a secure platform for connecting schools, districts, and edtech companies. The company’s mission is to make it easier for educators and students to access the best edtech tools available through its secure and integrated platform.

The Clever platform allows edtech companies to securely store student data while allowing educators to easily access, manage and assign educational materials from multiple providers in one place. It also enables edtech companies to deploy new updates and features into the classroom quickly.

Through its innovative technology, Clever has become one of North America’s fastest-growing edtech startups. By making edtech more accessible than ever, Clever will remain a leader in the edtech space for years to come.

9. Atorika


Atorika is an edtech startup based in France. The company aims to bring edtech solutions to the Indian education market and empower teachers, students, and schools with cutting-edge edtech tools.

Atorika offers a comprehensive suite of edtech products designed to help educators create engaging learning experiences for their students. Its flagship product is its AI-powered online classroom platform, which integrates seamlessly with existing school systems and provides powerful analytics to track student performance. In addition, Atorika also provides virtual tutoring services that enable students from all over the world to learn from expert instructors.

Since its launch, Atorika has quickly established itself as one of the leading edtech startups in India. With its commitment to creating edtech solutions tailored to the Indian education market, Atorika will remain at the forefront of edtech innovation for many years.

10. Skillsoft


Skillsoft is a global edtech company that provides online learning solutions such as its Learning Path Builder and Quick Reference Cards. Its training library has over 17,000 courses, videos, books, and audio files. The platform also includes microlearning modules that can help learners quickly get up to speed with the latest technology trends. It offers content in 40 languages and customers in more than 150 countries. Gartner has recognized Skillsoft as one of the leading edtech solutions for corporate learning and development. With an experienced team of experts from various industries, it continues to develop innovative edtech solutions tailored to meet modern learners’ needs.

11. Course Hero

Course Hero
Course Hero

Course Hero is an edtech startup that provides online learning tools for students and educators. The company develops digital learning platforms with interactive courses, lessons, and activities to help users learn more efficiently. Course Hero also offers a library of millions of educational resources from top universities, which can be accessed for free or through the site’s paid subscription service. In addition to helping students develop their academic skills, the company also helps teachers find new teaching strategies and materials. Founded in 2006, Course Hero has attracted over 40 million users worldwide and is one of the fastest-growing edtech startups. It is funded by investors such as New Enterprise Associates and Upfront Ventures.

12. BrainPOP


– BrainPOP is an edtech company that offers engaging, interactive learning experiences for K-12 students. Founded in 1999, the startup offers curriculum-aligned content on topics ranging from math and science to coding and filmmaking. It also provides professional development services for educators, focusing on helping them effectively use edtech in the classroom. The company has raised over $45 million in funding since its inception and continues growing as edtech becomes more popular among teachers and students. With its immersive content and helpful resources, BrainPOP is quickly becoming one of the most successful edtech startups of 2023.

13.DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning
DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning is a leading edtech startup that creates personalized learning experiences for students across the United States. DreamBox’s deep-learning adaptive platform uses data to adjust its lessons and activities, providing an engaging and interactive learning experience tailored to each student. The company also offers educators professional development programs and tools to help them manage their classrooms more effectively. DreamBox has been steadily growing since its launch in 2013 and is expected to become one of the top edtech startups by 2024. With its innovative approach toward education, DreamBox can be relied upon to provide quality learning experiences for countless students nationwide.



OpenClassrooms is a rapidly growing edtech startup providing an online learning platform. The company offers students the chance to learn through personalized courses and projects designed by experts in their fields. OpenClassrooms also has several partner organizations, such as Microsoft, Google, and IBM, that provide additional educational resources to its users. With its innovative approach to edtech, OpenClassrooms has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2013 and is expected to continue expanding over the next few years. By 2024, OpenClassrooms will likely become one of the most popular edtech startups worldwide.

16. Springboard


Springboard is a platform for edtech startups to provide personalized, project-based learning. It helps edtech companies quickly scale their business and offerings. Springboard takes an individualized approach based on learner goals, interests, and skills, including one-on-one instructor support, mentorship opportunities, and career guidance. It partners with some of the most innovative edtech companies, such as Coursera and edX. With its comprehensive curriculum selection, learners can choose from courses ranging from coding fundamentals to marketing analytics to UX design. For edtech startups looking to get ahead in the industry, Springboard is an excellent choice.

17. Winnie


Winnie is an edtech startup that seeks to provide personalized learning experiences for students of all ages. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative approach, Winnie has quickly become one of the leading edtech companies offering a wide range of products and services. From providing customized lesson plans to developing interactive learning tools, Winnie is revolutionizing learning. With their knowledge base and comprehensive library, they are helping educators create engaging lessons that keep students motivated and engaged with their material. Winnie has something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for online courses or more traditional classroom instruction. In addition to educational tools, they also have a suite of business solutions designed to help organizations optimize their operations while staying on top of the latest edtech trends. With its diverse range of products and services, Winnie is well-positioned to continue growing in the edtech space.

In 2021, Winnie was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for its groundbreaking edtech initiatives. This recognition is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality educational resources and its dedication to pushing edtech forward into the future. With this backing, it’s clear that Winnie will remain a significant player in the edtech world for years to come.


The EdTech space is rapidly evolving, and with it, so too are the EdTech startups that drive its growth. From comprehensive learning platforms to personalized instruction and business solutions, EdTech startups are helping revolutionize students’ learning. As these EdTech companies grow in popularity, they will become essential to any educational system looking to stay ahead of the curve. With this in mind, we expect edtech startups to continue their meteoric rise in the coming years and be a significant force in the edtech landscape by 2024.

FAQs about EdTech Startups

What is the best EdTech company?

The best edtech company depends on your needs and goals. Some popular edtech companies include OpenClassrooms, Springboard, and Winnie.

What products does EdTech provide?

Edtech provides a wide range of educational products and services for learners of all ages. These include custom lesson plans, interactive learning tools, online courses, and business solutions.

What are the benefits of EdTech startups?

Some benefits of edtech startups include personalized instruction, access to cutting-edge technology, business scalability options, and career guidance opportunities. They also provide an extensive library of educational resources to help learners stay updated with the latest edtech trends.

How will EdTech evolve in the next few years?

In the coming years, edtech startups are expected to continue their growth into essential parts of any educational system. As edtech companies innovate and develop more sophisticated products and services, edtech solutions will become even more widely adopted. We can also expect edtech solutions to become increasingly personalized as advancements in AI technology provide learners with tailored learning experiences. This will lead to further advances in edtech that will revolutionize learning.

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