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Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft servers demand a lot of resources to function properly, particularly when there are many people.

When selecting a Minecraft server hosting provider, the most crucial element is the provider’s capacity to manage these resources.

Thus, the first step is to pick a host that will not overwhelm your server or cause you to lag while playing. This article will look at the many features of Minecraft server hosting and how to pick the best host for your requirements.

Suppose you want to run your own Minecraft server but have yet to be disappointed by other companies, for example. In that case, you can stop your search here.

In today’s post, we’ll compile a list of the best Minecraft server hosts accessible on the internet for you to utilize. Our top-ranked hosts are well-known in their respective industries for producing high-quality goods. We’ll review the features and what you should look for when deciding who will be the ideal provider for your web hosting requirements. Let’s get this party started!

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a lot more than just a game. Swedish developer Markus Persson collaborated with the studio Mojan to create this adventure game, sometimes known as a “sandbox” game. The video game’s popularity has grown considerably since its release in 2011.

Minecraft allows players to mine bricks that may then be used to build 3D constructions of their choice. Many game modes are available, including war mode, exploration mode, building mode, and a combination of these activities.

Exploring, gathering resources, making these cubes, and participating in warfare are ways to show off your creativity. In addition to its over 126 million daily active players, Minecraft has reportedly sold over 200 million copies.

To get the most out of playing Minecraft on your smartphone, you’ll need a reliable server that’s all your own. Furthermore, it lets you host multiplayer games without putting a load on your PC.

As a result, rather than constructing your own, it is advisable to use a specialized Minecraft server hosting platform.

Advantages Of Having Your Own Minecraft Server:

Having reached this point in the article on MineCraft hosting, you may be wondering why you would go to the difficulty of establishing a server to host MineCraft.

To remove any worries or questions, we’ll list some of the advantages of running your Minecraft server below.

Install Any Mods:

When you manage your Minecraft server, you have total control over which modifications to use. With the option of selecting from various available modifications, you can build up comprehensive conditions where you may test and execute them as you see fit.

My Game, My Rules:

You control the whole game since you own and operate the server. You will choose the world’s norms and plan them however you desire. You are the only administrator in this case. Assign or deny responsibilities to others, manage physics, and anything else! Hosting a Minecraft game from your server simplifies the process and allows other game participants to join your work.

Build Your Community:

Since you are creating your own Minecraft universe, you will likely attract companions, fans, and unknown gamers to join you in your adventure. Start your community and help it grow with the aid of your server. Create a new environment, broadcast videos of it on the internet, and welcome new companions/users, increasing the player base of your gaming community.

Make Decent Income:

Hosting MineCraft-based games may get rather expensive over time, especially if you want to host many players. The cost of operating your server will be high. However, Minecraft is still under license from Microsoft Corporation, and it recognizes that expenditures must be met.

As a result, Microsoft Corporation has provided some margin for error, paving the door for cost-cutting measures. You may earn cash from your Minecraft servers in various ways, including in-game adverts, constructing online storefronts, etc.

Best Minecraft server hosting:

1. Apex Hosting


Apex Hosting makes it simple and inexpensive to set up a Minecraft server. When you choose the desired server size and version, the installation will take just a few minutes. Also, you may change your package and server version at any time.

Apex Hosting’s user-friendly control panel, Multicraft, includes video lessons. They have implemented several enhancements that make account administration easier. You may easily enter the console, change settings, manage files, and change the server’s version from here.

The best plugins can be installed quickly using 1-click Modpacks. They provide Xeon Processors, high-speed SSDs for expanded Transaction Processing Systems (TPS), and always-on, no-latency servers.

Apex Hosting provides the best gaming experience using premium tier 3 data centers and bare metal servers. To decrease latency for Java and Bedrock Edition players, they have 18 data centers scattered globe. Their servers promise 99.9% uptime using the latest and most powerful hardware.

Apex Hosting provides DDoS protection to defend your server from attacks, allowing you to play games in a secure environment. It can mitigate DDoS attacks of up to 300 Gbps to protect your server and IP address. You also have access to automated data backups.

2. Hostinger


Hostinger, a well-known and one of the top web hosting providers available, also specializes in Minecraft server hosting. These designs were developed to provide the best possible Minecraft experience with optimum optimization.

You need a few seconds to set up a Minecraft Virtual Private Server for $8.95 per month (the price drops if you pick a longer term). The plans include RAM ranging from 2GB to 8GB, DDoS protection, 8 virtual CPUs, mod support, and a 99% uptime guarantee.

Hostinger allows you to administer your VPS with a few clicks, emphasizes the privacy and security of your data, and even provides a money-back guarantee.

With an instant setup, you can have your server up and running in seconds after registering and paying for your account. Hostinger’s setup wizard isn’t the only time-saving feature; the control panel also makes it simple to back up your data, install mod packs, and deploy plugins. The company’s support staff will happily answer questions about setting up your Minecraft server.

Hostinger’s Minecraft hosting servers are in five countries: US, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, and Lithuania.


gportal GPORTAL’s Minecraft servers are the best value in the industry, with instantaneous deployment and a RAM-based architecture. You may choose from over 250 mod packs and have them pre-installed on your server during the server reservation process. There are no extra or complicated setups required.

If you want to create your settings, their user-friendly online interface gives you complete control. They leave nothing to chance when it comes to the security of server users. They’ve developed their DDoS protection, which they’ve combined with that of their partner, Corero.

They ensure 99.9% uptime for network and data center operations by maintaining two separate facilities, or two distinct data centers, at all important locations. They are linked in a ring and supported by an additional network hub—the data centers and networks that makeup GPORTAL run separately.

Whenever a problem or concern arises, they give support through phone, ticket, forum, wiki, and email 24/7. You can play games while they do the rest.

4. ScalaCube

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Ordinary web hosts often need more extensive expertise in Minecraft server settings. ScalaCube, a dedicated game server hosting provider focused on Minecraft, provides a detailed feature list for its Minecraft hosting services.

For example, every plan includes a pre-built website and forum. The website displays the number of active participants at any moment, and the forum allows your community to add rules and ask questions.

You can acquire a personalized Minecraft launcher for a nominal cost. It will teach new players all they need to know before directing them to your server.

ScalaCube has a free plan that enables you to test one of its powerful servers. You may install as many mod packs as you like, and there is no time restriction. You are, however, limited to a single-player slot.

Your community should never run out of ways to enjoy personalized Minecraft gameplay with over a thousand mod packs accessible for one-click installation.

ScalaCube watches for DDoS assaults and responds quickly if your server is attacked. Most Minecraft hosting gives help through tickets, which might be time-consuming. ScalaCube employs a timely live chat service to connect you with a support person as soon as possible.

5. Sparked Host

sparked host

Sparked host is one of the simplest, most inexpensive, and most powerful online Minecraft server hosting alternatives. Your server is instantly set up for you if you purchase a hosting service from them, which begins at $1.50 per month.

Start playing with your Minecraft client now, or continue customizing the server with other mod packs and plugins. Whatever you pick, we have found that their qualified support service is always there to assist.

So, why do we add Sparked Host to our list? These are the best budget host providers! Their servers employ industry-leading hardware, so your Minecraft community, whether new or with a vast player population, will function smoothly on their platform.

Just make sure you choose the appropriate plan for your requirements. Additionally, they provide excellent tools and documentation to help aspiring server administrators like yourself get up and running quickly.

It’s reasonable. When writing, they had 4.7 / 5 stars on Trustpilot, putting them in the same customer satisfaction level as huge brands like Apex hosting at a low price. Not only that, but Sparked host promises “99.99% network” uptime, or you will be paid with either time or money back.

6. GG Servers

GGServers is a Canadian web hosting firm focusing on in-game servers and web hosting. They have deployed over 500,000 of them and are well-known for their Minecraft servers.

When hosting Minecraft servers, GGServers have been around for a while. They were founded in 2013, and they are yet another fantastic business that provides Minecraft server hosting options at reasonable prices.

One of the reasons GGServers has been fine-tuned so thoroughly is its attitude to newbies.

The multicraft management panel on GG Servers lets users administer gaming servers, monitor player communications, and build worlds with a few clicks. Easy navigation is enabled by its intuitive interface.

Java, Bedrock, Paper, Spigot, and BungeeCord are the most popular mod packs and server editions supported. The control panel allows you to switch between server types at any moment.

All plans include an unmetered SSD with NVMe storage and full FTP functionality. It provides access to the MySQL database. Their database development service provides a one-day money-back guarantee with a complete return.

In addition, if you’re using GGServers, you may make other players admins of the game server. You may provide them with the appropriate rights using its control panel if you like.

GGServer is a company that offers gaming server hosting and Minecraft server hosting. They offer over 9 data centers and various options to fit any budget or host needs.

7. Shockbyte

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Description automatically generated Shockbyte is an excellent option for Minecraft lovers. It offers dedicated servers and support for games such as Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust, Arma 3, and others. Their pricing for this game begins at $2.50 with the Dirt plan, which includes 1GB RAM.

DDoS protection, 24/7 support, an automated system for rapid setup, and a free subdomain are included with all subscriptions. It’s worth noting that the firm claims 100% uptime rather than the standard 99.9%.

Shockbyte has been around for a while, and they have a solid reputation in the Minecraft hosting industry. They provide robust hardware and support the most recent versions of both the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition in all Minecraft server editions.

The Spartan Plan, Zeus Plan, and Titan Plan are suitably called due to their tremendous performance levels, which include 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB of RAM and infinite slots.

This, of course, leads to a smooth multiplayer game experience with minimal downtime. If other plans could be better for your gaming demands, Shockbyte can help you customize a plan to meet your needs.

8. BisectHosting

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BisectHosting Minecraft server hosting has always been about simplicity and cheap cost. The fact that the founders have actual, practical experience as server owners in the past and the present is a big plus. As a result, regardless of the size of your multiplayer community, small or large, Bisect has you covered with infinite player slots.

BisectHosting offers a variety of configurable Minecraft server hosting solutions, including budget and premium packages with 1GB to 48GB of RAM.

Bisect hosting offers a simple setup, limitless slots, free MySQL, free subdomains, mod pack updates, and more, making it an appealing choice.

Budget and premium package choices enable you to choose the most important features, and 24/7 support ensures that you receive all the assistance you need.

With eight server locations worldwide, you have some nice choices for keeping latency to a minimum.

These servers are strategically located across the United States (including California, Florida, Texas, Oregon, and New York) and in the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Canada. It’s also worth mentioning that your server is protected against DDoS attacks at no extra cost.

What To Look For In Best Minecraft Server Hosting?

Now that you have a list of the best Minecraft hosting providers, you must learn how to choose the ideal one for your requirements. Like with standard web hosting, there are several crucial things to consider to make an educated selection.

Let’s have a glance at some of the essential factors:

1. The Right Server Location:

To prevent latency, the servers must be located close to the players. Having players from all around the globe is out of your control. But, if you are hosting players from a certain region or nation, ensure the provider offers servers in your area.

2. Good Connection Parameters:

The servers must have low latency and excellent uptime to give players smooth, continuous gameplay. Get a Minecraft hosting service with enough CPU and Memory to achieve this. Also, high-performance servers can handle more players without causing the game to slow.

3. Easy Or Instant Setup:

Getting the server up and operating smoothly is the least of your worries, but doing so requires technical expertise. Fortunately, some hosting firms handle everything for you, so you can focus on hosting the games.

4. Multiple Players Allowed At The Same Time:

Minecraft is best played with a large group of people. Since a server can only manage a specific number of people in multiplayer mode, choose a server hosting service that can support at least 10 players at the same time.

5. Mods Allowed And Included:

Minecraft modifications may alter the UI and introduce new tools for players to utilize while exploring the game. Ensure the game server hosting provider has the best Minecraft mods loaded, or at the very least, freely lets you add the ones you prefer since they are always a key part of enhancing the experience of Minecraft.

6. Contract Length:

Some Minecraft hosting providers ask you to pay in advance for numerous months. Although you may save more money by using a reputable Minecraft hosting business, you may have to spend a lot upfront. If this is the case, seek those that provide a monthly membership payment to ease your financial strain and enhance your cash flow.

7. Good Level Of Security:

DDoS attacks are the most common sort of assault against Minecraft servers. This happens when particular parties repeatedly try to connect to your server, causing it to crash. With a reliable server, your hosting firm will handle possible dangers, allowing you to focus on the game.


Which Free Minecraft Server Host Is The Best?

Free hosting is not recommended and is especially unsuitable for resource-intensive programs like Minecraft. Suppose you want to make the most of the included dedicated resources. In that case, a virtual private server (VPS) hosting package is the way to go.

What Amount Of Memory Do I Need For The Minecraft Server?

Memory requirements increase linearly with the number of users, just as with any software. A web server with at least 1 GB of capacity is recommended for a basic arrangement with up to 10 participants. The more players there are, the smoother the gameplay will be.

Can I Host A Minecraft Server For Free?

Hosting is not free since it necessitates the purchase of expensive infrastructure and equipment. Suppose you host your website with a web hosting provider. In that case, you may split these expenses and pay a lower monthly fee depending on your demands.

Is Minecraft A Free Game?

No, Minecraft is presently a licensed game owned by Microsoft. It comes in various variations for various platforms, with pricing varying.


As you can see, operating a Minecraft server does not have to be difficult. The pleasure, in reality, is that you have total control over the structure of your Minecraft environment.

It’s up to you to decide whether this will be a massive server with thousands of users or a small one where you and your friends may chat. As you can see, money is only sometimes an issue since there are various ways to reclaim your spending.

True Minecraft fans should consider hosting their own server since it’s a labor of love.

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