13 Best Backup Software: Free and Paid Tools Review (2023)

Are you worried about losing your valuable files? You’re not alone. Data loss is one of the biggest nightmares for people across all industries, from small business owners to media producers. With so much riding on a secure data solution, it’s essential to have a reliable backup and disaster recovery system in place.

Best Backup Software

But how do you choose the right software to protect your assets? In this blog post, we’ll talk about choosing the best backup software that fits your needs while making sure your data is safe and secure at all times.

What is the Best Backup Software?

Backing up data is extremely important and there are a few great pieces of software available to assist. The best backup software for home or business use.

This comprehensive software provides reliable image-based backups, allowing you to store an exact copy of your data and quickly restore it in case something goes wrong. It’s simple to set up and easy to use, as well as flexible enough to accommodate virtually any configuration and media type.

Acronis True Image HD can be used with the most popular cloud computing services, giving users confidence that their data is safe from whatever may happen on any given day.

Best Backup Software


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Backblaze Backup Software is an intuitive and powerful solution for data backup and cloud storage. It allows users to quickly and easily file backup of any size with just the click of a button. It works on virtually any device and stores all data safely in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere.

With its advanced encryption technology, all incremental backups are secure, allowing users to feel confident that their precious information remains safe from outside threats. Backblaze Backup Software is a great choice for those looking for a fast, reliable, and secure way to back up their data.


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Unitrends Backup Software can provide invaluable help in managing large volumes of data across multiple operating systems. The software is easy to use, allowing users to quickly backup and restore data with a few clicks. It also comes with a comprehensive suite of tools and features to ensure reliable backups.

With options for local backups as well as cloud storage, businesses can trust Unitrends Backup Software to keep their most important data safe and secure.

This power-packed solution also automates the entire backup process, allowing businesses to spend more time on more important tasks.

It provides monitoring backup tools so businesses can be alerted when any issue arises while keeping all your files secure. By implementing Unitrends cloud Backup Software.

Businesses will be able to take advantage of its robust features and high-performance capabilities to ensure seamless accessibility and secure storage of valuable data.

AOMEI Backupper

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AOMEI Backupper Backup Software is an innovative and comprehensive backup solution for both home and business users. It offers a reliable way to back up your files, folders, data, and important settings with a few simple clicks. With support for both local drives and external storage devices, it can easily accommodate all of your storage needs in one place.

It even allows you to set up automatic backups at specified intervals so you will always have the most recently backed-up files available. It provides an intuitive user interface making it easy to navigate the features and functions.

With its attractive price tag, AOMEI Backupper Backup Software is a cost-effective choice for backing up your sensitive data with ease and peace of mind.


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NovaStor Backup Software is an innovative tool that offers businesses and organizations of all sizes the ability to back up their data quickly and conveniently. With its intuitive user interface, nearly anyone can use it to store critical business data in a secure cloud environment with end-to-end encryption.

It allows users to back up both files and directories while providing them with different incremental backup levels and multiple scheduling options. NovaStor’s cost-effective storage plans make it the perfect choice for businesses looking to protect their valuable data safely and reliably at an affordable price. If you are needing a backup solution for entire networks or individual PCs, NovaStor has the answer.


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NAKIVO is a powerful and cost-effective backup software designed to address the most common data protection needs. With its intuitive interface, it allows you to quickly and easily create backups of machines running VMware, Hyper-V, Windows computers, AWS EC2 instances and more.

NAKIVO boasts several robust features that make it an ideal solution for businesses – such as automated scheduling for regular backups, flexible retention policies to easily manage space on target storages, and network traffic throttling capabilities for controlling data usage.

NAKIVO has solid disaster recovery options that help enterprises protect their critical data from accidental or malicious damage. All these features have made NAKIVO a trusted tool among IT professionals looking for reliable ways to store and protect important information at an affordable price point.


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Retrospect Backup Software is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for backing up and restoring data. It is great for personal or business users because of its versatility, allowing you to customize the way you protect your important files.

It will protect not just pictures, music, and documents but also complete hard drives, from individual computers to an entire network. With its intuitive user interface, scheduling options, and reporting tools you can make sure that you have backups done quickly, easily and accurately.

No matter what type of computer you are using or how large the operating system you need to back up Retrospect Backup Software can keep your data secure and available for when you need it most.


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IDrive is the perfect free backup software for your devices, whether you’re a business owner or just a regular user. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, IDrive makes it quick and simple to protect all of your valuable data.

Choose from automatic cloud backups as often as every 5 minutes, or opt in for manual backups with incremental updates based on what changes you make. The software securely encrypts all data before storing it in the cloud to ensure you never have to worry about unauthorized access.

With unlimited storage capacity and external drive support, IDrive is an unbeatable choice for safeguarding your information and keeping it organized.


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Carbonite Backup Software can be a major asset for anyone looking to keep their data secure. It offers numerous features to make safeguarding files, photos, and documents easier than ever. This software has the ability to automatically back up important files as changes are made; much like having your own personal cloud storage device.

Compatible with a variety of platforms, Carbonite Backup Software also provides enhanced security features like encryption and two-factor authentication.

Users are able to ensure that their data is kept safe even if the storing device is lost or stolen. All in all, Carbonite Backup Software provides a cost-effective way to keep important data backed up efficiently, providing peace of mind while browsing online.

Backup Radar

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Backup Radar is a highly reliable backup software that provides a comprehensive solution to safety data storage needs. It offers automated backups, advanced monitoring capabilities, real-time health checks, and point-in-time restores. It helps manage multiple cloud backups with its intuitive user interface. With Backup Radar’s secure encryption you can be certain that your information is safe and secure.

Its robustness allows for the highest level of encryption and authentication standards to keep your data safe. easy integration and quick setup ensure you are up and running in minutes with a secure back-up plan. Overall, Backup Radar is an effective and powerful choice for safeguarding your valuable data.


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IvyBackup is an easy-to-use, reliable backup software solution for businesses and individuals alike. It allows you to automatically protect your digital information with powerful security measures and ensures the safety of your data by storing it in the cloud.

With no technical expertise required, you can be sure that your important documents, photos, emails, and other valuable data are safeguarded so you can rest easy. Its automated scheduling options give you full control over your backups, allowing you to easily adjust them as needed without having to remember it yourself.

The user interface is straightforward yet powerful and offers detailed reports of all of your past backup activities. If a security incident ever occurs, IvyBackup makes sure your data is safe and sound no matter what!

Ashampoo Backup Pro 15

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Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 is the newest version of backup software that offers a complete and reliable solution for protecting your data with minimal effort. Not only can you set up automated backups so you never miss a file, but you can also sync folders across multiple devices, providing worry-free protection wherever you are.

It provides 256-bit AES encryption to make sure your files stay secure while in transit or storage, and the convenient explorer view allows you to quickly find just the files and folders that you need. All of these features come at an excellent price point, making Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 an easy choice for those looking for a quick, reliable backup tool.


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Genie9 Backup Software is a feature-rich data backup and recovery solution for businesses of any size. It streamlines efficient data backup through its intuitive user interface, allowing you to customize policies that meet specific requirements.

This advanced software allows you to safely store and manage backups in the cloud, as well as restore older versions of files if needed.

Compressed backups allow you to retain more storage space while automating routine tasks makes it easier than ever before to manage multiple servers simultaneously. This cost-effective data security solution gives businesses the peace of mind they need to protect their valuable information and make sure their operations remain running smoothly.


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Synametrics Backup Software provides users with a powerful, secure, and reliable way to protect their data. The software allows users to back up valuable files quickly and easily, ensuring they have peace of mind in the event of system or equipment failure.

It can be customized to the user’s individual needs and handle even large amounts of data with ease. It lets the user select specific files or entire directories for protection as well as automate backups with customizable scheduling options on a regular basis without needing to constantly remember to protect their digital assets.


What is Backup Radar?

Backup Radar is a comprehensive and reliable backup software solution that offers the highest level of data encryption and authentication standards to keep your data safe. It provides quick setup, easy integration, and robust security that ensures your data is properly safeguarded.

What features does IvyBackup offer?

IvyBackup offers automated scheduling, detailed reporting, and 256-bit AES encryption for secure data transfers. It also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find the files and folders you need quickly.

What is included in Genie9 Backup Software?

Genie9 Backup Software includes features such as cloud storage, compressed backups, automated tasks, and 256-bit AES encryption. It also provides an intuitive user interface for easy management of multiple servers.

How does Synametrics Backup Software protect data?

Synametrics Backup Software provides users with a powerful, secure, and reliable way to protect their data. It offers customizable scheduling options for automated backups, as well as 256-bit AES encryption for secure data transfers. It also allows users to select specific files or entire directories for backup.


Data backup and recovery are essential for businesses of any size. It helps ensure that your valuable information remains safe and accessible in the event of a system or equipment failure. The right backup software can make your data backup and recovery process easier and more efficient while providing the highest levels of security to keep your data safe. Ashampoo Backup Pro 15, Genie9 Backup Software, IvyBackup, and Synametrics Backup Software are all excellent options that offer reliable data backup and recovery services at a reasonable price.

No matter which of these options you choose, you can be sure that your data is being properly safeguarded and can be quickly restored in the event of an emergency. With the right backup software, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

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