What is Frme and how does it function? Frme is a unique project management tool that prioritizes individuals over teams. It is specifically designed for single users, eliminating team-specific features. This is primarily to aid users in focusing on their productivity rather than being overwhelmed by messages and assigned tasks. By providing a single dashboard, Frme allows users to work without distractions, including notifications from other members. The interface is user-friendly and well-designed. With features like Kanban boards, bookmarking websites, and note creation, projects can be easily managed. These features work together to create a seamless experience that not only facilitates progress but does so efficiently. Managing projects with Frme is incredibly straightforward, harnessing the power of individual users to enhance its product.

Frme Pricing Model

Freemium , Subscription

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Project Management Features, Time & Expense Tracking, Task Management, Status Tracking, Project Planning, Percent-Complete Tracking, Timeline View, Project Templates, Idea Management, Kanban Board, Recurring Task Management, Resource Management, Requirement Management, Portfolio Management, Milestone Tracking, IT Project Management, Issue Management, Budget Management

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  • United Kingdom
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
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