What is PIQNIC.com and how does it work?

Piqnic (piqnic.com) is a platform designed to streamline and enhance the management of teams. It combines workflows, collaboration, and document management to increase productivity and reduce the need for meetings, emails, and other distractions. The platform boasts a Smart Document Management system which enables project teams to easily capture, search, and share information. This system offers features such as related documents, smart folders, smart searches, version control, and more. Users can also collaborate in real-time by sharing and editing files, adding different versions, and automating various workflows. Piqnic also provides task and project management, as well as user-created workflows, and communication tools. The platform has been designed with data protection in mind and has an intuitive administration system for easy compliance. Teams can collaborate efficiently with user-created workspaces, voting rules, customized notifications, decision management, and delegation features. Communication on the platform is facilitated through smart links, broadcasts, omnichannel messaging, and other means.

piqnic – piqnic.com

Collaboration Features

Discussion Boards
Cooperative Writing
Chat (Messaging)
Content Management
Task Management
Project Management
Contact Management
Document Management
Version Control


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