Best Assessment Software: Ranked and Reviewed (2024)

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on the best Assessment Software available in the market. Whether you’re an organization looking to evaluate the performance of your employees or an educational institution seeking effective ways to assess students, the right Assessment Software can be a game-changer. In this article, I’ll provide detailed insights into the top-rated Assessment Platforms, leading Evaluation Software, and premium Assessment Solutions that can meet your specific needs.

Assessment Software offers a range of benefits, including streamlining the assessment process, centralizing test creation and administration, and generating insightful reports for progress tracking. By leveraging these tools, organizations can save time, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions that lead to better outcomes. From comprehensive test creation and scoring to certification management and skill testing, Assessment Software comes equipped with a wide range of features that cater to diverse assessment requirements.

However, choosing the right Assessment Software can be a daunting task. With numerous options available, it’s crucial to consider factors such as your organization’s specific needs, ease of use, integration capabilities, security features, scalability, and customer support. By evaluating these factors, you can select the Assessment Software that best aligns with your requirements.

Now, let’s dive into the top Assessment Software Providers in the market. From TestGorilla and Glider to Kahoot!, Typeform, Blackboard Learn, and Connecteam, each provider brings unique features, benefits, and expertise to the table. Discover how these industry-leading Assessment Software solutions can revolutionize your assessment processes.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Assessment Software offers automation, centralization, and reporting capabilities for effective assessments.
  • Consider factors such as specific needs, ease of use, integration capabilities, security, scalability, and customer support when selecting Assessment Software.
  • Top Assessment Software providers include TestGorilla, Glider, Kahoot!, Typeform, Blackboard Learn, and Connecteam.
  • These providers offer unique features and benefits to enhance assessment processes.
  • Choose the Assessment Software that best aligns with your organization’s requirements.

Why Use Assessment Software?

Assessment software offers numerous benefits for organizations and educational institutions. By leveraging the power of technology, assessment software streamlines the assessment process, provides centralized administration of assessments, and generates comprehensive reports to track performance. There are several compelling reasons to incorporate assessment software into your workflow:

  1. Automation of the assessment process: Using assessment software allows for the automated creation, delivery, and scoring of assessments. This eliminates the need for manual grading and frees up valuable time for instructors and administrators.
  2. Centralized system for creating and administering assessments: Assessment software provides a user-friendly platform where you can easily create and manage assessments. It offers a centralized hub for organizing and delivering assessments, simplifying the overall process.
  3. Improved efficiency: By automating and centralizing assessments, assessment software significantly improves efficiency. It reduces the administrative burden associated with traditional assessment methods, allowing instructors to focus more on instructional activities.
  4. Data-backed insights for decision-making: Assessment software generates detailed reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into student or employee performance. These insights can inform instructional strategies, professional development plans, and talent management decisions.

Incorporating assessment software into your organization’s processes can save time, improve efficiency, and provide data-driven insights for better decision-making. It empowers you to make informed choices based on accurate assessments and contributes to the overall growth and success of your organization.

Key Features of Assessment Software

Assessment software offers a range of essential features that enhance the assessment process. These features include:

  • Test creation: Create customized assessments with diverse question types, such as multiple choice, essay, and interactive elements.
  • Scoring: Automatically score assessments, saving time and ensuring consistency in evaluation.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate detailed reports and analyze assessment results to gain insights into individual and group performance.
  • Certification management: Manage certifications and track progress towards achieving specific qualifications.
  • Skill testing: Assess specific skills and competencies to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Mobile accessibility: Access assessments on mobile devices for convenient and flexible testing options.
  • Single sign-on: Provide users with a seamless login experience, eliminating the need for multiple credentials.
  • Collaboration: Foster collaboration among users by enabling group assessments and feedback.
  • Proctoring: Ensure the integrity of online assessments through features like remote monitoring and anti-cheating measures.
  • Surveys: Gather feedback and opinions through survey capabilities, enabling organizations to collect valuable data.

By incorporating these features, assessment software empowers organizations to create, manage, and evaluate various types of assessments efficiently, enhancing the overall assessment process.

How to Choose the Right Assessment Software

When it comes to choosing assessment software for your organization, there are several factors to consider. By evaluating these key factors, you can select the assessment tool that best meets your requirements and maximizes your assessment processes.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Assessment Software:

  1. Specific Needs: Start by identifying the specific needs of your organization. Determine the type of assessments you will be conducting and the desired outcomes you wish to achieve.
  2. Ease of Use: Look for software that is intuitive and user-friendly. Consider the learning curve for both administrators and participants to ensure smooth navigation and engagement.
  3. Integration Capabilities: Assess the software’s ability to integrate with other systems or platforms used in your organization. Compatibility with existing tools can streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.
  4. Security Features: Data security is paramount when conducting assessments. Look for software that provides robust security measures, such as encrypted data transmission and secure storage.
  5. Scalability: Consider the scalability of the software, especially if your organization plans to expand its assessment initiatives in the future. The software should be able to accommodate a growing user base and increasing assessment demands.
  6. Customer Support: Evaluate the level of customer support offered by the software provider. Responsive and knowledgeable support can be crucial in troubleshooting issues or providing guidance when needed.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose the assessment software that aligns with your organization’s unique requirements and goals.

“The right assessment software can revolutionize your assessment processes and provide valuable insights for better decision-making.”

Top Assessment Software Providers

In today’s market, numerous top-rated assessment software companies provide a wide range of assessment tools to cater to diverse needs. Among the leading assessment software providers are:

  1. TestGorilla
  2. Glider
  3. Kahoot!
  4. Typeform
  5. Blackboard Learn
  6. GoReact
  7. Connecteam
  8. Pointerpro
  9. Award Force
  10. Wooclap
  11. eSkill
  12. Wonderlic Select
  13. Classtime
  14. Easy LMS
  15. Edsby
  16. Kaymbu
  17. ProProfs Quiz Maker
  18. TwoLink
  19. Criteria
  20. The Hire Talent

Each of these assessment software companies offers unique features and benefits that cater to different assessment needs. Whether you require personalized assessments, pre-hiring tests, learning management systems, or comprehensive tools to manage awards and contests, these top assessment software providers have got you covered.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these assessment software providers.


TestGorilla specializes in helping businesses improve their hiring processes. With personalized assessments and candidate screening features, TestGorilla aims to make the hiring process more efficient and effective.


Glider is an AI Talent Quality Platform that offers pre-hiring assessments, skill tests, coding/video interviews, and candidate screening chatbots. Glider’s innovative features aim to enhance hiring quality and efficiency.


Kahoot! is a versatile learning management system that doubles as assessment software. Schools and higher education institutions can create interactive games, conduct online sessions, and track class progress with Kahoot!. It injects an element of fun and engagement into learning and assessment.


Typeform is an interactive data collection tool that empowers users to create forms, surveys, and quizzes. Its user-friendly interface increases response rates and allows for more thoughtful responses. Typeform enhances data collection and assessment experiences.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is a market-leading Learning Management System (LMS) offering comprehensive capabilities for managing courses, assessments, and integration with other systems. Blackboard Learn helps learners, instructors, and institutions achieve their learning goals.

With such diverse options from these top assessment software providers, organizations and educational institutions can choose the software that best meets their specific assessment requirements and goals.


When it comes to enhancing your hiring process, TestGorilla is an assessment software that can make a significant difference. With its range of features and tools, TestGorilla helps businesses streamline their evaluation process and make data-driven decisions.

One of TestGorilla’s standout features is its personalized assessments. This allows businesses to tailor assessments to specific job roles and identify candidates who possess the right skills and capabilities. By customizing assessments, companies can ensure that they are evaluating candidates effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, TestGorilla offers pre-employment tests that cover a wide range of competencies and job functions. These tests can help employers gauge a candidate’s abilities, knowledge, and aptitude for a particular role. With TestGorilla, businesses can confidently assess candidates’ suitability for a position.

Candidate screening is another essential feature of TestGorilla. By using this feature, companies can filter through a large pool of applicants and identify the most qualified candidates. The screening process can include various criteria, such as skills, experience, and qualifications.

With TestGorilla, businesses can make their hiring process more efficient and effective, saving valuable time and resources. By leveraging its advanced assessment capabilities, organizations can find the right candidates for their teams and make well-informed hiring decisions.

TestGorilla Features:

Feature Description
Personalized Assessments Create customized assessments tailored to specific job roles.
Pre-employment Tests Assess candidates’ abilities and aptitude for a particular role.
Candidate Screening Filter through applicants to identify the most qualified candidates.


When it comes to hiring the right talent for your organization, Glider is a game-changer. As an AI Talent Quality Platform, Glider offers a range of innovative tools designed to streamline your hiring process and improve the quality of your hires. With Glider’s advanced features, you can make data-driven decisions and find the perfect fit for your team.

In-Depth Assessment Solutions

Glider provides a comprehensive suite of assessment tools to evaluate candidates effectively. From pre-hiring assessments to skill tests, coding/video interviews, and candidate screening chatbots, Glider has everything you need to assess candidates’ qualifications and abilities. These tools enable you to dig deeper into their skills and potential, ensuring that you make informed hiring decisions.

Efficiency and Accuracy

With Glider, you can say goodbye to tedious manual processes and inefficiencies. Their automation capabilities streamline the assessment process, saving you time and effort. Glider also leverages AI technology to analyze candidate responses, providing accurate insights into their potential fit for your organization.

A Seamless User Experience

Glider is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for recruiters and candidates alike to navigate the platform. Its intuitive interface guides you through every step of the assessment process, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Glider adapts to your needs with its scalable solutions. Its cloud-based infrastructure can handle assessments at any scale, allowing you to accommodate a growing candidate pool without sacrificing performance.

Experience the power of Glider for yourself and revolutionize your hiring process. With its comprehensive features, efficient automation, and user-friendly interface, Glider sets the standard for assessment software in the industry.

Key Features of Glider Benefits
Pre-hiring assessments Gain deeper insights into candidates’ qualifications
Skill tests Evaluate candidates’ abilities in specific areas
Coding/video interviews Assess technical skills through interactive interviews
Candidate screening chatbots Efficiently screen and engage with candidates
Automation capabilities Save time and streamline the assessment process
AI-powered insights Make data-driven decisions with accurate candidate analysis
Scalability Accommodate a growing candidate pool without performance issues


As we explore the top assessment software options, one platform that stands out is Kahoot!. While predominantly known as a learning management system, Kahoot! also offers robust assessment features that make it a versatile tool for schools and higher education institutions.

With Kahoot!, educators can create interactive games that engage students and promote active learning. These games not only make the assessment process more enjoyable but also provide valuable insights into students’ understanding of the material.

In addition to game-based assessments, Kahoot! allows for online sessions where educators can interact with students in real-time. This feature enhances classroom engagement and fosters meaningful discussions, further enhancing the assessment process.

What sets Kahoot! apart is its ability to track class progress. With comprehensive analytics and reports, educators can monitor individual and overall performance, identify areas for improvement, and tailor their teaching strategies accordingly.

One of the key aims of Kahoot! is to make learning and assessment an enjoyable experience. By gamifying the assessment process, Kahoot! encourages active participation and motivates students to take ownership of their learning journey.

In summary, Kahoot! offers a unique blend of assessment and learning management features. Its game-based assessments, online sessions, and performance tracking capabilities make it an exceptional choice for educators looking to create engaging and effective assessments. With Kahoot!, learning and assessment can be fun and impactful, driving student success.


Typeform is an interactive data collection tool that allows users to create forms, surveys, and quizzes. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, Typeform simplifies the process of gathering data and feedback. Whether it’s conducting customer surveys, collecting user feedback, or creating engaging quizzes, Typeform offers a range of features to suit various assessment needs.

One of the key features of Typeform is its ability to create visually appealing and interactive forms. Users can customize the look and feel of their forms by selecting from a wide range of pre-designed templates or creating their own unique designs. This not only enhances the user experience but also encourages higher completion rates, as respondents are more likely to engage with aesthetically pleasing and well-designed forms.

Furthermore, Typeform allows users to incorporate various question types into their assessments, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scale questions. This versatility enables organizations to gather comprehensive and meaningful data from their assessments, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

In addition, Typeform offers advanced features such as logic branching, which allows users to create dynamic assessments that adapt based on respondents’ answers. This helps create personalized and tailored assessments that provide a more relevant and engaging experience for participants.

Moreover, Typeform provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing users to gain deeper insights into their assessment results. Users can track response rates, analyze data trends, and generate visual reports to summarize key findings. This data-driven approach helps organizations make more informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, Typeform is a powerful assessment software that offers a range of features to streamline data collection and enhance the assessment experience. Its user-friendly interface, customizable designs, and advanced analytics make it a popular choice among businesses, educators, and researchers alike.

Typeform Features:

Feature Description
Customizable Forms Typeform offers a wide range of pre-designed templates and customization options to create visually appealing and interactive forms.
Various Question Types Users can incorporate multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scale questions to gather comprehensive and meaningful data.
Logic Branching Users can create dynamic assessments that adapt based on respondents’ answers, providing a personalized and tailored experience.
Analytics and Reporting Typeform offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing users to track response rates, analyze data trends, and generate visual reports.

Blackboard Learn

When it comes to managing courses, assessments, and integrating various systems, Blackboard Learn stands out as a market-leading Learning Management System (LMS). With its wide array of capabilities, Blackboard Learn aims to assist learners, instructors, and institutions in achieving their goals throughout the learning process.

Blackboard Learn offers a range of features that make it an exceptional assessment software. Let’s explore some of its key features:

  • Course Management: Blackboard Learn allows instructors to easily create and manage courses. It provides a centralized platform where instructors can organize course materials, assignments, and communication with students.
  • Assessment Tools: With Blackboard Learn, instructors can create various types of assessments, from quizzes to assignments. The platform offers flexibility in designing assessments and allows for automatic grading, saving instructors valuable time.
  • Collaborative Learning: Blackboard Learn promotes collaboration among learners through discussion boards, group projects, and interactive modules. It encourages engagement and knowledge sharing in a virtual learning environment.
  • Integration: Blackboard Learn seamlessly integrates with other systems and tools, such as student information systems, content repositories, and learning analytics platforms. This integration ensures a holistic learning experience for both instructors and learners.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Blackboard Learn provides a mobile app that enables learners to access course materials, complete assessments, and participate in discussions on the go. It offers flexibility and convenience for learners who prefer mobile learning.

Blackboard Learn’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set make it a preferred choice for many educational institutions and organizations. Its commitment to enhancing the learning experience sets it apart as a top-notch assessment software.

Blackboard Learn offers a visually appealing and intuitive interface, empowering both instructors and learners to navigate the platform with ease. Its plethora of features ensures a seamless and enriching learning experience, ultimately fostering educational success.

“Blackboard Learn provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for managing courses, assessments, and integration with other systems.”


GoReact is an innovative assessment software that revolutionizes the feedback and assessment processes for students and faculty. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, GoReact allows users to capture, organize, evaluate, and share peer feedback on assignments seamlessly.

One of the standout features of GoReact is its screen recording functionality, which enables users to engage in different types of one-on-one activities for effective assessments. This feature promotes interactive learning and allows for detailed analysis of student performance.

GoReact’s intuitive platform makes it easy to provide feedback and assess assignments in real-time, enhancing the overall learning experience. Whether it’s analyzing presentations, language proficiency, or other skill-based assessments, GoReact offers a versatile toolset to support a wide range of educational needs.

By using GoReact, faculty members can provide constructive feedback to students, helping them develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Students, on the other hand, can utilize GoReact to reflect on their performance and make necessary improvements.

With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, GoReact is a valuable assessment software that promotes efficient feedback, collaboration, and growth in educational settings.


Connecteam is an all-in-one mobile app designed to help businesses effectively engage and manage their non-desk employees. With its comprehensive mobile-first platform, Connecteam offers a range of features that enhance communication, task management, training, and assessments.

One of the key advantages of Connecteam is its ability to streamline employee communication. Through the app, employers can easily send important updates, share documents, and enable real-time messaging, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This enhances collaboration and keeps employees informed, resulting in improved productivity.

Task management is another standout feature of Connecteam. Employers can create task lists, assign tasks to specific employees, set deadlines, and track progress all within the app. This keeps employees organized and accountable, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

When it comes to training, Connecteam offers a user-friendly interface for creating and delivering training materials. Whether it’s videos, presentations, or quizzes, employers can easily create engaging content that can be accessed by employees anytime, anywhere. This empowers employees to continuously improve their skills and knowledge.

Connecteam also provides assessment capabilities, allowing employers to create and administer assessments to gauge employee performance and knowledge. This feature is essential for tracking progress, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions to optimize employee development.

“Connecteam has revolutionized the way we manage our non-desk workforce. The app’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have made communication, task management, training, and assessments seamless and efficient. Our employees are more engaged, and we have seen a significant improvement in productivity since implementing Connecteam.”

Overall, Connecteam is a powerful tool for businesses seeking to improve communication, enhance task management, deliver effective training, and conduct assessments. Its mobile-first approach ensures that employees can access and engage with the app easily, regardless of their location or device used.


Pointerpro is an innovative assessment software that offers a wide range of features to meet the diverse needs of organizations and educational institutions. With Pointerpro, users can easily create assessments and provide personalized reports to respondents, ensuring a tailored experience for each individual.

One of the key strengths of Pointerpro is its ability to offer tailored advice at scale, allowing organizations to provide valuable guidance and insights to their users. This personalized approach not only enhances the assessment experience but also helps users gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on their assessment results.

Furthermore, Pointerpro’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for both creators and respondents to navigate and interact with the platform. The intuitive design ensures a seamless assessment process, ensuring a positive user experience from start to finish.

Additionally, Pointerpro offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate detailed reports that provide a comprehensive overview of individual performance and overall assessment results. These reports can be utilized to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and patterns across different assessments, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions.

With its innovative features and commitment to personalized assessments and reports, Pointerpro stands out as a top choice for organizations seeking a comprehensive assessment software solution. Whether it’s for educational assessments or employee evaluations, Pointerpro offers the tools and capabilities to streamline the assessment process and provide valuable insights to users.

Pointerpro assessment software review

“Pointerpro has revolutionized the way we conduct assessments. The personalized reports and tailored advice have been invaluable in guiding our users towards their goals. The robust reporting capabilities have also provided us with valuable insights to improve our assessment processes. Highly recommended!”

– Testimonial from a satisfied Pointerpro user

Award Force

Award Force is an award-winning software designed for managing awards entry and judging online. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Award Force simplifies the awards management process and enhances the overall user experience.

“Award Force provides a fast, secure, and user-friendly experience for entrants, judges, and contest managers.”

One of the standout features of Award Force is its efficient and streamlined awards entry process. Entrants can easily submit their applications online, saving time and eliminating the need for manual paperwork. The software allows for easy customization of entry forms, ensuring that all necessary information is collected.

For judges, Award Force provides a user-friendly platform for reviewing and scoring entries. The software offers a robust judging panel with customizable criteria, facilitating fair and transparent evaluations. Judges can access entries, review supporting materials, and provide feedback effortlessly.

Contest managers will appreciate the comprehensive administrative tools offered by Award Force. The software allows for easy management of multiple awards programs and categories, simplifying the overall organization and coordination process. Contest managers can create and publish call for entries, manage timelines, communicate with stakeholders, and generate detailed reports.

Additionally, Award Force prioritizes security and data protection. The software incorporates advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that all confidential information remains safe. Entrants’ and judges’ personal data is securely stored, providing peace of mind for all users.

Award Force Key Features:

  • Efficient awards entry process
  • Customizable entry forms
  • Robust judging panel with customizable criteria
  • Easy access to entries and supporting materials for judges
  • Comprehensive administrative tools for contest managers
  • Multiple awards program and category management
  • Advanced security and data protection

Whether you’re organizing a small local event or a large international competition, Award Force’s features and intuitive interface make it an ideal choice for managing awards programs of any scale.

Pros Cons
Efficient and user-friendly awards entry process No offline access to entries
Robust judging panel with customizable criteria Limited integration options with other software
Comprehensive administrative tools for contest managers No built-in video conferencing for judges
Advanced security and data protection Limited customization options for the user interface

Overall, Award Force’s exceptional features and commitment to user experience make it an excellent choice for organizations and institutions looking to streamline their awards management process and provide a seamless experience for entrants, judges, and contest managers.


After carefully considering the features, ease of use, integration capabilities, and customer support, it is clear that choosing the right assessment software is vital for organizations and educational institutions. The market offers a variety of options, but TestGorilla, Glider, Kahoot!, Typeform, Blackboard Learn, and Connecteam stand out as top assessment software providers.

TestGorilla specializes in improving hiring processes with personalized assessments and candidate screening features. Glider offers AI-driven tools for talent quality management, including skill tests and coding/video interviews. Kahoot! is not only a learning management system but also a fun and engaging assessment software. Typeform excels in interactive data collection with user-friendly forms, surveys, and quizzes.

Blackboard Learn, a leading Learning Management System, provides comprehensive capabilities for course management and assessments, enabling learners and instructors to achieve their goals. Connecteam’s all-in-one mobile app facilitates communication, task management, training, and assessments for non-desk employees.

These top assessment software providers deliver unique features and benefits that can enhance assessment processes, making them the recommended choices for organizations seeking the best assessment software.


What is assessment software?

Assessment software is used by organizations and educational institutions to create and conduct online assessments. It helps evaluate the performance of employees and students and can also be used for pre-employment tests.

What are the benefits of using assessment software?

Assessment software offers several benefits, including automation of the assessment process, centralized system for creating and administering assessments, and generating reports to track performance. Using assessment software can save time, improve efficiency, and provide data-backed insights for decision-making.

What features does assessment software typically include?

Assessment software typically includes features such as test creation, scoring, reporting and analytics, certification management, skill testing, mobile accessibility, single sign-on, collaboration, proctoring, and surveys. These features enable organizations to create and manage various types of assessments efficiently.

How do I choose the right assessment software?

When choosing assessment software, it is important to consider factors such as the specific needs of your organization, ease of use, integration capabilities, security features, scalability, and customer support. Evaluating these factors will help you select the assessment software that best fits your requirements.

Which are the top assessment software providers?

Some of the top-rated assessment software providers include TestGorilla, Glider, Kahoot!, Typeform, Blackboard Learn, GoReact, Connecteam, Pointerpro, Award Force, Wooclap, eSkill, Wonderlic Select, Classtime, Easy LMS, Edsby, Kaymbu, ProProfs Quiz Maker, TwoLink, Criteria, and The Hire Talent.

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