What is Frontitude and how does it function? Frontitude is a platform that provides a unified workspace for UX and product teams to collaborate on various aspects of a product’s UX designs. It simplifies the management of UX copies by centralizing them on one platform. The software offers features such as advanced search, tagging, and version control, allowing teams to select, edit, and finalize UX designs with ease. By facilitating collaboration, Frontitude eliminates the need for using email and other messaging tools. Team members can easily submit texts for approval, monitor edits, and manage versions. Additionally, the software helps in maintaining consistency by enabling users to search and filter UX copies across product screens, ensuring coherence with existing elements. Tags can be used to categorize UX copies into different components, ensuring consistency throughout the product page, including modals, forms, and error messages. Design changes can be previewed exactly as they will appear after finalization.

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