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What does Coexsys Timekeeping do and how does it function? Coexsys Timekeeping is a software designed to track employees’ work hours, overtime in projects, and time off. It generates timekeeping reports in real-time and can be customized based on job positions. The software also maintains logs of proxy timekeeping and information on time policies specific to employees, payrolls, and departments. The scheduling information can be easily distributed to the relevant employees or departments using the administrator’s checklist feature. Additionally, the software allows for the implementation of various job shifts, such as part-time, weekly, monthly, flexible, and hourly, to accommodate different employee needs. At the end of each month, users can notify administrators to generate payroll, taking into account employees’ time off. The comprehensive leave accounting feature allows administrators to manage different types of leaves, including personal time-off, compensatory, jury service, bereavement, and furlough. Coexsys Timekeeping also includes accounting features that ensure compliance with workday and overtime policies, incorporate holiday schedules, and manage credits.

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Timesheet Management, Overtime Calculation, Offline Time Tracking, Mobile Time Tracking, Billable & Non-billable Hours, Automatic Time Capture, Employee Database, Leave Tracking (Vacation), Billing and Invoicing, Multiple Billing Rates

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