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What is Ant Media Server and how does it function? Ant Media Server is a streaming tool that offers extremely low latency for end-to-end streaming. It supports various protocols like WebRTC, RTMP, MP4, HLS, and RTSP, allowing it to deliver streams across different internet speeds and platforms. The tool allows for easy scalability of publishers and viewers through auto-scaling clusters. Additionally, it provides SDKs for WebRTC and RTMP, making it compatible with iOS, Android, and JavaScript for both broadcasting and streaming purposes. It also supports ONVIF IP cameras with PTZ and Auto-Discovery Features, enabling remote stream pulling for IPTV solutions. The tool is available in both Community and Enterprise Editions, with the Community Edition being open source on GitHub. It can be utilized for multiple applications, such as scaling the number of viewers with ultra-low latency streaming, monitoring IP cameras with ultra-low latency on web browsers, and facilitating reliable interactions between viewers and broadcasters in webinars and video game streaming, all with ultra-low latency.

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One-time license , Subscription

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Live Stream Features, Video Annotations, Multistreaming, Multi-camera feed, HD Video Streaming, Event Scheduling, Broadcast Recording, Audience Engagement, Audience Analytics, Customizable Branding, Live Chat, Live Polling, Video Monetization, Q&A

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