11+ Best Social Media Management Tools Apps and Software (2023)

Are you looking for innovative ways to manage and optimize your social media platforms? Do the ever-changing functions of social media networks leave you feeling overwhelmed and behind the times?

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Best Social Media Management Platform

If so, a powerful set of tools that support various features can help increase user engagement, create content more efficiently, categorize interactions based on sentiment, and generate valuable insights from data. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the best social media management tools, apps, and software available today allowing you to take control of your digital presence in an effective way.

What Are the Best Social Media Management Tools?

Social media management tools are an invaluable resource for businesses and individuals looking to leverage the incredible reach of popular social networks.

Such tools allow users to schedule posts ahead of time and track brand mentions and analytics, as well as a post on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Popular options include Hootsuite and CoSchedule, which make it easy to manage a variety of accounts with great organizational capabilities. SproutSocial is also highly rated by users, boasting automated messages and deep analysis capabilities that can help improve your workflow.

The best social media management software for you will depend on the scale of your social media presence and other specific requirements so it’s worth taking time to evaluate each option carefully before deciding on one that fits your needs.

Social Media Management Tools, Apps, and Software


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eClincher is the perfect social media management tool for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike. It provides comprehensive analytics to help manage your presence on all major social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Its reliable calendar system and smart queues help with content distribution while automated messages save time by engaging customers thoughtfully with minimal effort. eClincher’s intuitive dashboard delivers robust reporting on all of your accounts in one place for comprehensive insights about performance and campaigns.

With a streamlined workflow for scheduling posts, monitoring conversations, and responding to comments quickly, eClincher helps you optimize every step of your social media marketing process from start to finish.


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Planable is a powerful and versatile media management tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It allows users to quickly plan and schedule social media posts, curate visuals, collaborate with team members, and monitor campaigns in one simple platform.

Users can even access real-time analytics to gain valuable insights into the performance of their campaigns. With an ever-growing library of tools and resources. Planable makes staying ahead of the competition easier than ever before.

From visual previews to post histories to sharing ideas in comments – Planable provides everything you need to take your social media game to the next level!


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Crowdfire is a simple and effective media management tool, app, and software designed to help social media users work smarter. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that allow users to quickly and easily manage their different accounts across multiple platforms.

With real-time analytics and customizable tracking tools, you can get pictures, post your content automatically across platforms with just the click of a button and track performance with advanced reporting. Plus, Crowdfire manages all your planned posts for you without any additional effort from the user so there’s no need to manually schedule posts at all!

If you’re an individual or business looking to stay productive on social media platforms or just looking for efficient ways to manage your online presence, Crowdfire has you covered.


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Rebrandly is the complete media management package. From tools and software to social media management apps, Rebrandly offers a wide range of features designed to maximize your image across multiple platforms. Through social media engagement tracking, link customization capabilities, and click analytics options, Rebrandly helps personalize our media messages to create an impactful presence.

It makes sure that your branding is consistent and well-represented where you need it most online. By creating meaningful connections with audiences around the globe. Rebrandly ensures that you have complete control over what’s being said about you in both offline and digital contexts.


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Agorapulse is the ultimate media management resource offering unparalleled power, innovation, and efficiency. It has an array of tools and apps designed to help users stay on top of their social media schedules. With features like Enhanced Publishing, Visual Calendar, and Smart Inbox.

Social Listening and Reports and Analytics, you can rest assured all your social media needs will be taken care of with Agorapulse. The software also provides comprehensive customer support so that you never have to worry about any technical issues or questions appearing during your social media management processes.

Agorapulse gives you access to the most advanced tools available today for managing your posts and content across all social networks with ease.


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Buffer is an online social media management tool designed to help businesses and influencers increase their brand awareness and grow their community. With the app, users can easily schedule their posts, connect multiple social accounts, get insights on what works best for them, as well as share content with targeted posts.

It provides specialized tools that can increase visibility and engagement while monitoring feedback and conversation across different social media platforms. Plus, it offers powerful analytics that gives insight into how well each post performs.

Buffer also has nifty automation features like reposting evergreen content for continuous engagement and making sure that followers get more of the content they care about without a lot of manual work.

All in all, Buffer is an effective tool that helps businesses save time in managing their various social media accounts.


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With Media Management tools like Sendible, businesses, organizations, and users alike can take their social media communications to the next level. Sendible offers several features to make managing your communications an easier task.

Communication can range from direct messaging platforms to monitoring services that let you know what everyone is saying about your company or brand.

Sendible can help with scheduling content so you don’t have to worry about remembering when and where to post it.

Smart recommendations are available too that can save time while keeping content fresh and up-to-date. All of these features combined make Sendible one of the best Media Management tools on the market.


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If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool to help manage your social media presence, look no further than Hootsuite.

Not only does it offer a variety of media management tools, clever apps, and intelligent software but the platform also equips businesses and organizations with the tools they need to succeed on social media.

It gives users the ability to plan campaigns, monitor conversations and track results to stay on top of their online presence.

Plus, it makes it easy for teams to collaborate in one convenient place! With Hootsuite’s wide range of services, there’s no better way to manage all your company’s needs in one unified platform.

Sprout Social

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Sprout Social provides powerful tools to help businesses manage their social media presence. With its intuitive dashboard and range of features such as scheduling, reporting, and analysis, it makes it easy for marketers to stay on top of their social media strategy.

The app is well-suited for those who want to be able to control multiple accounts across multiple networks at once – perfect for digital marketing agencies or larger companies.

Sprout’s support staff are always on hand to guide you if needed, meaning you can tackle the task of managing your social media quickly and effectively.


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SocialPilot is the perfect tool for those who need media management tools that can simplify the scheduling and managing of their social media accounts in one place.

If you are a digital marketer, business owner, or content creator, SocialPilot offers sophisticated features and analytics that will save time and help build your online presence.

Its intuitive interface helps organize posts by topic tags as well as customize visuals such as images/logos to be easily shared across multiple social networks. Its comprehensive analytics feature provides valuable insights so you can make informed decisions about future campaigns.

It even answers the most common questions with its tutorials – all designed to ensure that you get the most out of its features.

Meet Edgar

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Meet Edgar, the revolutionary media management tool designed to help users create, plan, and post content to their social media accounts. This app integrates with many well-known platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, offering users social media campaigns the ability to customize posts for each social media channel.

Edgar’s technology helps businesses save time by categorizing and organizing content automatically from RSS feeds, websites, blogs, and even other social media accounts. By utilizing this software’s machine learning algorithms, users can easily set up a queue of content that will be posted at predetermined intervals.

Edgar is changing the way businesses manage their social media presence – providing a one-stop solution for all their content needs.


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CoSchedule is an innovative media management tool designed to help businesses streamline project management and deliver results. It’s an all-in-one solution offering features like strategic planning, collaboration, scheduling and publishing content creation, social scheduling, and analytics.

With CoSchedule, businesses can easily manage their marketing activities, experiment with collaboration and insights to create more efficient campaigns and deliver better outcomes for their clients. It allows for smoother communication between team members as well as clients.

It helps monitor and analyze performance over time so that companies can gain valuable data insights for optimizing future strategies. CoSchedule simplifies project management by providing organized visibility of individual tasks as well as the entire pipeline of activities.

This provides everyone in the process with a common understanding of progress and results. To embark on digital transformation successfully and turn plans into actionable results cost-effectively. CoSchedule is an indispensable tool that businesses should consider using.


What is media management?

Media management is the process of organizing, storing, and retrieving digital media such as images, videos, audio files, and documents.

What are some popular media management tools?

Some of the most popular media management tools include SocialPilot, Meet Edgar, and CoSchedule. These tools offer features such as content scheduling and analytics reporting.

What are the benefits of using a media management tool?

The benefits of using a media management tool include saving time, optimizing content for different channels, and gaining valuable insights through analytics.


Media management tools have become an essential part of marketing and content creation. They help businesses save time by streamlining project management, organizing content, and providing analytics. Popular tools such as SocialPilot, Meet Edgar, and CoSchedule offer intuitive interfaces and useful features.

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