15 Best Event Management Software 2023 (Virtual & In-Person)

Are you looking for the best way to keep track of your events? Event management software can help make organizing and managing events easier. It can come with an array of features such as online ticketing, customizable registration forms, calendar integrations, and more all designed to give you a simple and organized overview of all event data.

 Best Online events in person events planning Management Software

With the right event management software in place, it will be easier than ever for event planners to maximize efficiency and profits by streamlining operations from start to finish. In this blog post, we will discuss how choosing the right event management software helps make organizing an event easy!

What Is The Best Event Management Software?

When looking for the best event management software, there are many different event management solutions to consider. All of these platforms have their benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before deciding which one is right for you.

Professional event planners and organizers should look for software that has an intuitive user interface, allowing staff to quickly learn the event management system and understand how to utilize features like registration, ticketing, and reporting.

If you’re a smaller organization or business, there are resourceful tools out there that offer a wide range of features while still being easy on your budget. Ultimately, it comes down to finding an event management solution that perfectly fits both the scope of your current event and your future event’s organizational goals.

Best Event Management Software


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Wrike Event Management Software provides a comprehensive solution to your event management needs. An easy-to-use platform with plenty of features and automated capabilities, it helps you create seamless hybrid events from start to finish. With robust organization and options for customization, you can boost the efficiency of your operations, optimize event performance, and ensure participant satisfaction.

The advanced reporting features also enable gainful insights into different levels of event data which will inform future decisions. Wrike Event Management Software is the ideal platform for anyone wanting to take their event planning and execution to the next level.


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Eventbrite is a leading event management software designed to make organizing, publishing, and promoting events incredibly easy. It’s the ideal choice for event planners who want to maximize attendee engagement and be accessible to audience members from all walks of life. From ticketing services to comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Eventbrite’s suite of tools makes every aspect of hosting an event more efficient and effective than ever before. Its robust analytics capabilities ensure that event organizers can measure the performance of an event in real-time and take adaptive action on the fly. Whether you’re organizing a large-scale concert or a small seminar, Eventbrite will help you create a truly memorable experience for all participants.


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RSVPify is revolutionizing the way events are managed. With the most up-to-date event management technology, it helps to streamline event operations, track invitations, control budgets, and manage guest activity. The software enables users to access essential event planning software and tools with ease; in addition to providing automated reminders, real time analytics, and other features.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple to create personal websites for each of your events and even collects details like dietary restrictions or destination information without any effort. With advanced technology options such as check-in kiosks, online slideshow creators and digital photo backdrops, RSVPify ensures that organizing any kind of event is truly a hassle free experience.


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Tripleseat is an innovative event management software that is revolutionizing the way event planners organize events. It combines both task management and customer relationship features to give users a single point of access to all their information. With features like automation, event calendar, and analytics, Tripleseat empowers its users to streamline processes across departments, maximize communication, and build relationships with clients.

Tripleseat offers support through its expert training material, including tutorials and user guides. As they continue to develop its product further, Tripleseat sets itself apart from the competition as a reliable source for all event planning needs.


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Everwall’s event management software is revolutionizing the way events are organized and managed. Its intuitive interface helps users to save time and effort when setting up their event, as well as easily manage guests and create engaging, interactive events.

With customizable branding options, users can make sure that their event reflects their unique personality. Its powerful analytics capabilities help organizers to measure the success of an event, leading to better performance in the future. All these features make Everwall’s software an ideal choice for a wide range of applications from college reunions to large conferences and conventions.


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Monday Event Management Software is the perfect solution for busy event coordinators. With easy-to-use features and data analytics, it streamlines the organization of events so you can do more with less effort. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to quickly build agendas, coordinate with vendors or staff and set up reminders to keep everything running smoothly on the day of the event.

Users can access all their data from any device in real-time, ensuring that important information isn’t lost or forgotten on the go. With Monday Event Management Software turning your events into a success has never been easier.


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Fonteva Management Software is an enterprise-grade system designed to streamline and automate key operational processes. Its features include membership management, event registration, donations processing, digital stores, corporate giving portals, and more. With Fonteva’s intuitive software tools, you can quickly access up-to-date information on customer engagement and support the decision-making process.

You can also save time and money through automated processes while leveraging powerful analytics to identify areas of improvement. Experience true automation and efficiency with Fonteva’s comprehensive suite of solutions.


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Caterease Management Software is a powerful, cloud-based catering software that helps catering businesses of all sizes streamline business processes and strengthen communication with customers. This easy-to-use solution provides customized quoting, menus, invoicing, appointment requests, online seamless payments, virtual meetings, and more. With this intuitive software, caterers can save time and increase efficiency.

It keeps multiple parties in the loop by automating reminders to ensure all relevant individuals are kept up to date on events or changes in orders. With automated features such as menu prompts and tailored order forms, task execution gets completed quickly and efficiently all in one place. By leveraging the full capabilities of the Caterease event management platform your team will be able to better organize events while serving an ever-increasing clientele base easily.


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Momice is an innovative management software created to make project management easy, efficient, and enjoyable. Through its comprehensive suite of tools, Momice simplifies the task of keeping track of deadlines, assigning tasks, and managing multiple projects across teams.

Momice’s intuitive dashboard and metrics create transparency, enabling tighter collaboration among team members to complete tasks more quickly. The simple yet powerful platform is ideal for both small business owners who have hard deadlines as well as large enterprises that need to manage complex projects with lots of moving parts. With Momice’s robust set of features, event managers not only get peace of mind but also save time and resources bringing together the power of efficiency and convenience.


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Boomset is a management software designed to provide businesses with an efficient means of managing their events. It helps streamline processes by providing features such as check-in, registration, and access management, as well as providing ways to monitor attendee engagement and traffic on site.

This makes gathering data about an event much easier for organizers, allowing for better decision-making next time. Using the analytics provided by Boomset, businesses can observe changes in success from one event to another, which makes further planning more effective and effortless.


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Regpack management software offers an efficient and user-friendly way of organizing, automating, and streamlining registration processes. Businesses can save time by using this software to collect, store and analyze information quickly. With a variety of customizable features, users can create automated emails with payment reminders and notifications, secure online forms, and customizable reports giving them access to data in real-time.

Not only that, but users can also increase the accuracy of their records by collecting credit card information directly from customers, speeding up payment processes while minimizing manual input errors. Allowing customers to use self-sign-up portals is another way that Regpack could help businesses save time but provide an easy way for people to register for events or products themselves.


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Avochato Event Management Software is an intuitive, all-in-one software for event professionals looking to organize, promote and manage events from start to finish. With comprehensive tools for ticket sales, scheduling, marketing and guest management, the software has everything you need to create successful events that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Avochato offers powerful marketing automation capabilities and tools for digital media optimization so you can maximize your outreach efforts. Designed with convenience in mind, the platform can be easily accessed from both desktop and mobile devices for unparalleled flexibility. Put simply, Avochato is the perfect choice for event professionals looking to take their events to the next level.


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Hopin Event Management Software is an innovative tool that allows you to host virtual events with ease. This user-friendly platform facilitates event creation, session organization, promotion and analytics helping to ensure your online event is a success. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, customization options, and range of powerful features.

Hopin makes it faster and simpler than ever before to bring your events into the digital sphere. With its gamified approach, users can access a range of engaging task-based activities to keep them engaged and build meaningful relationships with attendees. Through Hopin’s smart technology, you’ll be able to seamlessly create and deliver one-of-a-kind virtual events on any device.


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Grenadine Event Management Software is the perfect tool to help you organize your next event. With its simple graphic interface, Grenadine makes it easy for you to manage all the details of your event – from registration and ticketing to booking vendors and sponsors, from marketing activities and budget tracking to keynote presentation slides.

With Grenadine’s advanced features, you can monitor live visitor analytics in real-time, customize branding elements for an even more professional look, manage permissions & user access rights, and much more! It’s never been easier to take full control of your event organization process than it is with Grenadine Event Management Software.


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Event management software has revolutionized the way event businesses go about organizing and running events. With certain options available, it can save time, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. By automating mundane tasks, either for an entire event or a specific task such as managing registrations or confirmations, large amounts of time and energy can be freed up on both the business side and from their customers.

With an integrated system of modules in just one program, processes are streamlined to become more efficient overall. As well as offering customizable features to suppliers like ticketing services and event marketing tools, businesses have an easy-to-use platform that enables the hosting of events without any prior coding knowledge. Therefore businesses are able to manage their complete operation within this software – resulting in more successful events!


What is Avochato Event Management Software?

Avochato Event Management Software is an intuitive, all-in-one software for event professionals looking to organize, promote and manage events from start to finish.

What features does Hopin offer?

Hopin offers powerful marketing automation capabilities and tools for digital media optimization. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, customization options, and range of powerful features make it faster and simpler than ever before to bring your events into the digital sphere.

What is Grenadine Event Management Software?

Grenadine Event Management Software is a user-friendly platform that facilitates event creation, session organization, promotion, and analytics – helping to ensure your online event is a success. It has advanced features such as custom branding elements, live visitor analytics, user access rights management, and more.


For any event professional, having the right event management software is key to success. Different options such as Avochato, Hopin, and Grenadine offer powerful features that can help save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Whether you’re looking for marketing automation capabilities or custom branding elements, there’s sure to be event management software out there to help you create the perfect digital event. With the right software, you can host seamless events that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

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