9 Best AdSense Alternatives of 2023 (to Make More Money)

best adsense alternatives
Best AdSense Alternatives

Are you looking for the Best AdSense Alternatives of 2023 that can help you make more money?

If so, then this article is for you! Here we will discuss 9 of the Best AdSense Alternatives available in 2023, along with their features and benefits. We’ll also examine how each works and what distinguishes them from similar options. So if you’re ready to start making more money through digital advertising, read on to discover the Best AdSense Alternatives of 2023.

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What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a digital advertising platform created by Google that allows publishers to place targeted ads on their websites and earn money when visitors click on them. The ads are based on the website’s content and often pay per-click.

Why Use an AdSense Alternative?

The Google platform has a few drawbacks that make it inappropriate for some blog sites. Here are a few typical and good reasons to choose an alternative ad network to AdSense.

Different types of Ads

AdSense offers only text and display ads, while some AdSense Alternatives offer a greater variety of ad types. These include interactive rich media ads, video pre-rolls and in-video ads, contextual advertising, popunders, and more. Some networks also offer an audio ad option, making them suitable for podcast and streaming audio sites.

Higher Revenue Share

Some of the Best AdSense Alternatives offer a higher revenue share than Google. Publishers will receive larger ad earnings, which can significantly increase revenue. This is especially important for smaller websites that generate little traffic but still want to monetize their content through advertising. Some of these networks also offer bonuses and rewards for high-performing websites.

Better Targeting

Google Adsense offers basic targeting features, including geo-targeting and keyword targeting. However, some Best AdSense Alternatives offer more robust targeting options, such as demographic and behavioral targeting. This allows publishers to target ads more specifically to the right audience, increasing the potential for higher earnings.

Additionally, some networks also offer contextual targeting, which matches ads to the content on the website. This can result in more relevant and effective ads, increasing clicks and revenue. Furthermore, some networks also offer retargeting features that allow publishers to target ads specifically to people who have previously visited their websites. This can be an effective way to drive more conversions and increase revenue.

Higher Revenues

Some Best AdSense Alternatives offer higher revenues than Google. This is because they often charge advertisers more for ads and share a larger portion of the revenue with publishers. Additionally, some of these networks offer incentives and bonuses for high-performing websites, which can further increase earnings. The higher revenues generated by Best AdSense Alternatives make them an attractive option for publishers who want to maximize their earnings.

Let us see which Best AdSense Alternatives are available in 2023:

  1. Media.net
  2. PropellerAds
  3. Sovrn
  4. Monumetric
  5. AdThrive
  6. Infolinks
  7. Mediavine
  8. Adsterra
  9. PopAds



Media.net is a contextual advertising platform to help you make money from your website or blog. It allows you to monetize your content with exclusive access to searches from the Yahoo! Bing network, giving you access to some of the world’s largest and most reliable search engines.

The platform provides advanced targeting options, such as geo-targeting and device targeting, allowing you to deliver tailored ads for your audience. It also has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to start running ads quickly.

Media.net is the first to develop a server-side header bidding platform, which means that it can be managed in-house with minimal effort and still take advantage of the most sophisticated programmatic display solutions available. The platform also offers real-time reporting and analytics tools so that you can track your results.

Key Features

  • Monetize your content with exclusive access to searches from the Yahoo! Bing network.
  • Advanced targeting options, such as geo-targeting and device targeting.
  • Intuitive interface for quick ad setup.
  • Server-side header bidding platform for programmatic display.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics tools.



PropellerAds is a large ad network that offers a wide range of advertisement options, such as banners, sponsored links, and push notifications. It has a reach of 1 billion users and is easy to use, making it one of the Best AdSense Alternatives in 2023. The advertising platform is designed with a self-serve feature, making it incredibly simple to create and launch campaigns.

What’s more, it comes with additional features such as robust targeting options and real-time performance measurement, allowing you to improve your campaigns by responding quickly to changes in performance. PropellerAds features automated ad optimization, which applies AI to fine-tune your settings and give you the best possible conversion rate for each ad without manual effort. This is perfect if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns with minimal time investment.

Key Features

  • The reach of 1 billion users
  • Easy-to-use platform with simplified ad creator
  • Targeting options and real-time performance measurement
  • Automated ad optimization with AI



Sovrn is one of the Best AdSense Alternatives of 2023, quickly gaining ground in the digital advertising market. It connects both publishers and advertisers in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Publishers can create custom display ads and get them directly in front of the right audiences. Meanwhile, advertisers can benefit from Sovrn’s powerful targeting features that allow them to reach the exact demographics they want. Best of all, Sovrn takes less of a cut of ad revenue than some other AdSense.

Key Features

  • Best for publishers with smaller audiences
  • Comprehensive targeting features
  • Easy integration into existing websites
  • Competitive ad revenue sharing.



Monumetric is an ad revenue partner that allows you to increase your site’s income without compromising the user experience of your visitors. This platform uses CPM (cost per thousand impressions) instead of CPC (cost per click), so you get paid for each view, and their prices are considered one of the best in this type of campaign. Many reports assure that your income can be much higher than what AdSense would provide, so it’s an ideal option if you want to make more passive income. Before taking this step, though, you should consider the minimum traffic requirement of Monumetric, which is 10k monthly views and a 99% setup fee for sites that have between 10k and 80k visits. You should ensure enough traffic before investing in Monumetric’s services.

Key Features

  • CPM option instead of CPC
  • Best prices for CPM campaigns
  • Higher-income than AdSense
  • 10k monthly views minimum
  • 99% setup fee for sites with 10k to 80k visits.
  • Best user experience preserved.



AdThrive offers a wide range of features, including advanced optimization tools, detailed reporting to help you get the best performance from your ads, and access to an experienced team of ad optimization specialists. AdThrive allows you to customize the types of ads you want to show on your site and helps you maximize clickthrough rates with its smart targeting feature.

Best of all, it pays significantly higher payouts than AdSense — up to 75%. There is a minimum page view requirement of 100,000 monthly pageviews. However, most of these should be from U.S. viewers. The minimum amount you can earn with AdThrive is $25 for PayPal and direct deposit. AdThrive is a great option for serious bloggers to maximize their ad revenue.

Key Features

  • Advanced optimization tools
  • Detailed reporting to help you get the best performance from your ads.
  • Customization types of ads to show on your site.
  • Smart targeting feature.
  • Payouts up to 75%.
  • Minimum pageview requirement of 100,000 monthly pageviews.
  • The minimum amount you can earn with AdThrive is $25 for PayPal and direct deposit.

It is an excellent option for bloggers who want to monetize but have few visitors. It’s simple to set up and use, and you can implement in-text ads (as well as targeted display ads, if you’d prefer) without any need for a setup fee or minimum page view requirements.

Best of all, payments are made every 45 days via PayPal, Western Union, and Payoneer, with the minimum payout at $50. So even if your blog generates little traffic, Infolinks can help you get started on monetization. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

Key Features

  • Easy Setup
  • No setup fee or minimum page view requirements
  • Variety of payment options (PayPal, Western Union, and Payoneer)
  • Minimum payout of $50 every 45 days.



Mediavine is great for lifestyle bloggers looking to make more money from their websites. It has an incredibly generous revenue share of 75% and only requires 50,000 monthly page views for approval – making it far less restrictive than other comparable ad networks.

Unlike some other ad networks, Mediavine was founded by bloggers, so it understands the importance of fast-loading, high-quality ads that have a minimal impact on your visitors’ experience. It also offers complete transparency regarding its ad placements and is always happy to answer any questions.

The minimum payout for Mediavine is $25 for PayPal or direct deposit payments; for international direct deposit payments, the minimum is $200. With its generous revenue share, fast-loading ads, and transparency, Mediavine is a great option for lifestyle bloggers looking to make more money from their website in 2023.

Key Features

  • 75% revenue share
  • 50,000 monthly page views for approval
  • Fast-loading, high-quality ads
  • Transparency regarding ad placements
  • Minimum $25 payout for PayPal and direct deposit (or $200 for international direct deposit) payments.



Adsterra is a great option for monetizing their website without worrying about minimum page view requirements. It offers various ad formats, including display and video ads, popunders, and direct links. The setup process is incredibly quick and easy – no coding or technical knowledge is required!

In terms of payments, Adsterra pays out via PayPal and wire transfer (with a minimum payout threshold of $100) every two weeks. Additionally, it offers competitive CPM rates that vary depending on the ad type. This makes it an ideal choice for bloggers who have few visitors but still want to make money from displaying their site ads.

Key Features

  • Wide range of ad formats
  • The quick and easy setup process
  • Payment via PayPal and wire transfer (every two weeks)
  • Competitive CPM rates.
  • Minimum $100 payout threshold for PayPal and wire transfers.



PopAds is a great choice for bloggers looking to make quick money from their websites. It’s easy to set up, and you only have ad formats that can be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices, with payments made every 30 days via PayPal (or wire transfer for larger amounts). Best of all, it doesn’t have any minimum page view requirements; you can start displaying ads as soon as you’re approved.

PopAds also has some unique features that make it worth considering. For one, it offers a ‘smart targeting’ feature which ensures the right people see your ads, and it also has a ‘real-time bidding’ feature which allows you to get the best prices for your ads.

Key Features

  • Ad formats for desktop and mobile devices
  • Payment via PayPal (or wire transfer) every 30 days
  • No minimum page view requirements
  • Smart targeting and real-time bidding features.
  • Minimum $5 payout threshold for PayPal payments.

Final Thought!

The 9 Best AdSense Alternatives of 2023 offer a great way for bloggers to make more money from their websites. With no minimum page view requirements, quick and easy setup processes, competitive CPM rates, and generous revenue shares on offer, these alternatives are sure to help you meet your online income goals.

Good luck!


What are the Best Google Adsense Alternatives of 2023 for making more money?

Some of the Best AdSense Alternatives of 2023 that can help you make more money include ad space, native ads, PropellerAds, ad campaigns, popunder ads, banner ads, advertising networks and contextual ads, and direct advertising networks.

What is an Ad Space?

A. An ad space, also known as a “banner” or “box” advertisement, is an online space you can purchase to feature your ads for a certain fee. By renting out this space on websites, you can gain more exposure for your product or service and increase the potential for success with ad campaigns.

What are Native Ads?

Native ads are advertisements that look like part of the content of the website it is featured on instead of standing out from it visually or technically in any way. This advertisement allows viewers to consume content without feeling overwhelmed by intrusive ads while providing a more subtle marketing environment for the advertiser.

What is Direct Advertising Network?

A direct advertising network connects advertisers directly with publishers, eliminating any middlemen from the equation and providing more control over campaigns for both parties involved. This type of network also allows for better targeting and optimization efforts and more transparency in terms of performance results.

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